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Rewriting the Matrix of 2020

2020 health & body intuition Dec 25, 2020

The word "Matrix" has many meanings, all convoluted and nested within one another. A matrix is the web, constituents or substances that another material is suspended within. 

A matrix is subject to change based on input like chemicals, thoughts, movements, injuries, and repeated patterning that reprograms how it operates.

If your human body is a matrix, beautifully housing your soul, composed of millions of amazing organisms, DNA codes, tissues, molecules and atoms that are changeable from input... what does that mean about how we may be subtly responding to the waves coming at our Beings from every direction since the "virus" began?

We know that our thoughts play a massive role in the outcomes our body and soul are capable of in this lifetime. Your brainwaves shape and influence your neurological system, your endocrine system, and even your immune system. 

And, we know that we are intrinsically connected to the communities we live in and the collective energy state of the total experience. This means that regardless of circumstances - global pandemic or not - we are constantly reading and emitting information through our system to help inform our body of how to respond and move throughout our days.

But what happens when we aren't aware of what's being programmed into our matrix without our conscious awareness? The phrases like "new normal", "in this together", "stay safe", "line up when it's your turn", "socially distance", have been hammered from all directions since the beginning of the year. 

Now let me be clear, we must not toss all people who usher these phrases and words into the same category. Not every news anchor, health minister, government worker, thought leader or influencer is aware of what they are doing AND it's possible that it is their current truth depending on where they are standing in this relative global experience.

Be mindful of how we classify others at this time, for some do not know what they do not know. A person in this position requires the grace and space to ask questions, explore the information at hand and begin forming their individual experience alongside the collective experience.

Everywhere you've bought and sold the story that all officials, thought leaders, government employees, health ministers, medical personnel or other persons are intentionally causing harm, withholding information or trying to destroy humanity - let's destroy and un-create all of that times a godzillion across all time, space & consciousness. Right, wrong, good, bad, POC, POD, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds. 

Everywhere you are contributing to holding this current paradigm in place with your beliefs and ideologies let's destroy and un-create that...

Everywhere you truly don't know what you don't know but you you've decided you know, let's destroy and un-create all of that...

Okay, now that we've gotten some dualities sorted out and clearing underway, let's look at how we can begin to rewrite the matrix of our beautiful body! 

First, we must recognize where we have become entranced by the narratives at play. Is it a particular news source, statistic, theorem being circulated? 

We must consider the beliefs we have formed about the situation at hand.

And, we must look at our fears and objections objectively to begin the healing work ahead.

Take a moment to journal these all out:
  • Where have you let your attention wander?

  • What news can you just not avoid?

  • What fears do you have about the current situation?

  • What are your beliefs about what is going on?

  • Where have you bought into a particular narrative and are going with a crowd?

Take a moment to observe your body's reactions to each of the things you've thought about or written down. You are naturally coded to stay in flow - when a thought, feeling or belief is out of alignment for you - it will pull you off your center. 

Does each thing you've written keep you grounded and aware, or does your heartbeat accelerate and create shallow breathing? If it's the latter - likely it is something that is affecting your matrix and body negatively, and needs to be healed. 

Try this exercise

Say out loud: "Truth, I must line up when it's my turn."

How does your body react? Where does your mind wander? Do you feel solid and powerful or off center and confused?

Use this exercise for each of your above observations. For each one that takes you off your center, we need to clear it, heal it, and rewrite the matrix. 

My favorite way to do this is by first removing the emotion using emotional release, then applying clearing statements, and then taking a conscious step forward in the direction I want to go. (HRA members you have access to all of these tools inside your library!)

It might look like this: 

I discover that when I say, "Truth, I should line up for the vaccine", a lump forms in my throat, my arm tenses and I can feel my stomach twist. I emotionally feel confused and disgusted.

Using emotional release - I'm going to track what the feeling actually is and remove it from my body.

Clearing statement: Everywhere I've bought and sold the idea that I should line up for this vaccine, I destroy and un-create it all...

New thought I'd rather entertain: Hey body, how would you love to be nurtured today to heal and support our microcosm? (then I would intuitively move throughout my day consciously choosing the foods, movements, sounds and social interactions that light me up!)

If you've noticed a decline in your mental of physical health this year, everything I've talked about here could be why! Try these simple exercises and see just how quickly you can take your health back and fall back in sync with your amazing body & soul! 

xo C.