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How to Find Your Galactic Soul & Guide Team

akashic records galactic federation of light guides soul recall starseed Jul 02, 2020


In the Starseed Accelerator facebook group, some of our members asked the following questions:

"How do I find my galactic soul? And what galaxy am I from? Why is our true self hidden from us to relearn as a human? Why do we not automatically keep our past memories in the next life? Do we keep choosing this?"

"I too would like to know about the dimensional beings and easier ways to communicate with them. How can we do this and am I ready if I am seeking it out? I want to see my guides and communicate with them through a more concrete way."

I took the questions to the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) to have a roundtable discussion on these concepts. The channeled transmission follows.


Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled Transmission: June 22, 2020


Reydinah:  Greetings from Sirius B. The question you have put out today here at council has intrigued me greatly and I wish to lend some perspective here if I may. The inquiry for how does an Earthling find her Galactic Body, her Galactic Soul and her Guide team is perhaps the second question, and not the first.

I would encourage one to look at how well they know the body they are in first. The field in the Earth plane is the receiver for the self of the other realities one is trying to traverse. If the Starseed has been on the cycle of reincarnation as human for quite some time which we can see happen even with some of the seeded walk-ins, the first step is often to recall the self back to one or so clearer walkable realities.

The term multi-task was not coined lightly. Some of us like to get much done all at once, yes? We choose to talk to a friend, and to eat, walk and clean the house all at the same time, and we wonder how we lost the phone that is in our own hand stuck to our head? Well, what happens if we feel we have unfinished business in a reality that our Akasha is cycling over and over through? We are living this life, and that life, and the stories in overlap which depletes the soul imbuement of this character you are currently consciously aware of.

And so if I was to offer any advice for one to explore it would be to learn to recall, step back in and become clear on the timeline you are currently within, before trying to go to the beyond. What good is the information out there if it cannot be utilized and acted upon where you are?

Caitlin: I love that analogy because you saw that in my previous timelines a few years ago. That was totally me!

R: Yes, and when you learned to stay in one timeline, with one focus, then close it to move to another is when your abilities opened up, wouldn’t you say?

C: Yes, I would agree with that; although, for the listeners and readers, it’s important to note there were other energies involved here as well.

Saeilla-Tu: The first Galactic being one must reunite with is a version of one self. What you call an acceleration, Caitlin, is the form that a human begins to traverse the skies with and to share experiences and conversations as we are today. As an example you come to Council in your Andromedan form, I in Taygetan Pleadian. One must learn to receive oneself first.

C: What would we all share as wisdom about the idea of Guides? I personally do not perceive you as Guides, I see you as friends.

S: Yes, these are not your advisors or trustees but rather a friend to converse and explore with. Many of us cannot even make contact with the human until that level of hierarchy is erased from the belief system as it prevents the higher level frequencies in the upper dimensions to fire and receive properly.

R: We do not wish, at least most of us, to dictate an experience. Most of us are watching your story unfold in the same way you come here to see how things are unfolding within other celestial bodies. Neither of us are here to be an absolute dictation of the other's experience. That is also important to consider.

C: What about those with missions from the Federations or from their individual planets?

R: Those agreements are an individual or councils level of choice and experimentation. It is not always the belief of the whole federation of light or within individual galaxies that those actions are necessary or correct. If it is aligned within that soul and their experience, and aligned with the others they have traveled with it will feel good to complete and experience that mission.

S: Many of us have agreed to come to free other Starseeds who forgot who they were over the past many centuries and have been in the incarnation trap for many years. Their Akasha has become too dense and sometimes they cannot find their own light. Once the being sees who they are again, we often step back. But you have seen the being won’t receive the help or hand until they are ready to check back in and clear the Akasha and restart their mission. Becoming deeply ingrained with the Bardos level of information is tiring on a soul indeed.

C: It is my opinion, and my personal work that I ask students to first clear the Akasha, then to find the galactic levels of self. It sounds like this is in alignment with both perspectives you have shared with me?

S: Yes, first a soul must be able to see their own light. Once they find that, they can begin to track their history and lineage.

C: Thank you both for sharing space with me today. It was truly a pleasure!


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