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Are you a newly awakened starseed or suspect you might be one?

People are waking up from powerful meditations or dreams, synchronous events and resonating with the idea that they may be more than just this human body & soul. 

I've designed this Starseed Accelerator for anyone who is interested in finding out more about if they are (or aren't) a Starseed, want to find out more about their soul story, or just want to get to know some of our galactic friends!

No matter where you are on this path - brand new to the concept or have begun to make contact, you're welcome to join us!

Do you find yourself...

Do you find yourself...
  • thinking that Earth might not be home?
  • unable to relate to the belief systems, fear, and chaos?
  • highly sensitive to energy?
  • looking in the mirror and feeling disconnected from what you see?
  • questioning your sanity as you watch flashes of light pass you by, hear messages, ringing in your ears or see faces appearing out of nowhere?
  • losing blocks of time and unable to recall what you were doing or what happened?
  • knowing whats going to happen, before it even happens?
  • fascinated with astrology, outer space, spirit guides, and earth?
  • wondering about extraterrestrials, life on other planets and if there's more to life than we have been told?
  • searching the skies for UFOs?

    If you answered YES to many of the above, this accelerator is definitely for you!

We're going to cover...

In our 12-day workshop (no cost by the way - Starseeds everywhere need this!), we've got a lot of ground to cover! I want to show you exactly how to begin bridging healthy reconnections with our galactic brothers & sisters, but also guide you through how to reintegrate who you were before you were incarnated as human. Take a peak at where we're going...


- Find out who you really are, where you are from, and begin accessing your lightbody.

- Learn how to ground and integrate beautifully into this human experience, while accessing the ancient cosmic knowledge available to you.

- Meet Starseeds just like you, from the multiverse, ready to share, expand and add to each others experience!


- Experience a multidimensional acceleration; a soul recall like you've never felt before!

-  Explore how to interact safely with any Being, no matter their nature. 

- Learn about false realities, close them off and step into your knowing of your life purpose and mission for being on Earth at this time.


- Connect to the astral realms, planets & star systems you originate from.

- Learn how to start accessing light language through different channels.

- Ignite your own ability to communicate with your whole soul, your guide team, & meet new collectives!

Hey, I'm Caitlin and I'll be your guide on this journey! I work with and channel over 60 different collectives, helping to bridge you with the Beings you've been and that may be on your team. 

My goal is to teach you how to access the levels & layers of you, opening you up to the ancient knowledge that courses through your veins. 

I believe in removing the disempowerment programs so prevalent in the Starseed & Channeling communities. I will never tell you to just turn inwards, or to find the answer within yourself. Instead, you'll find tried and true resources, exercises, question prompts and ideas to unite you with the knowledge you seek. 

As a multidimensional accelerator, it is my privilege to walk beside you as you reconnect to the Light in you!

xo C.


- A private Facebook community to meet other Starseeds

- Live stream videos for q & a, deepening exercises and introducing new collectives

- 3 lessons in the virtual zoom classroom giving you the training you need to access these parts of you

- An online portal to keep all of the content neatly organized for you to access, any time!
- Mentorship with Caitlin & her team through the whole process!

Are you in?

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