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Are you a newly awakened starseed or suspect you might be one?

People are waking up from powerful meditations or dreams, synchronous events and resonating with the idea that they may be more than just this human body & soul. 

I've designed this Starseed Accelerator for anyone who is interested in finding out more about if they are (or aren't) a Starseed, want to find out more about their soul story, or just want to get to know some of our galactic friends!

No matter where you are on this path - brand new to the concept or have begun to make contact, you're welcome to join us!

"This workshop was amazing, the calls, the resources and activities, the support - wow! A massive thank you to you Caitlin for sharing this information, to Violet, our universal friends for coming forward and for experiencing life differently now - I’m in awe, wonder and excited to keep going!"

Allison Taylor
previous participant

Do you find yourself...

Do you find yourself...
  • thinking that Earth might not be home?
  • unable to relate to the belief systems, fear, and chaos?
  • highly sensitive to energy?
  • looking in the mirror and feeling disconnected from what you see?
  • questioning your sanity as you watch flashes of light pass you by, hear messages, ringing in your ears or see faces appearing out of nowhere?
  • losing blocks of time and unable to recall what you were doing or what happened?
  • fascinated with astrology, outer space, spirit guides, and earth?
  • wondering about extraterrestrials, life on other planets and if there's more to life than we have been told?

    If you answered YES to many of the above, this accelerator is definitely for you!


- Find out who you really are, where you are from, and begin accessing your lightbody.

- Learn how to ground and integrate beautifully into this human experience, while accessing the ancient cosmic knowledge available to you.

- Meet Starseeds just like you, from the multiverse, ready to share, expand and add to each others experience!


- Remember the original dream for this Earth plane. Why did we come here? What's the mission?

- Experience a multidimensional acceleration; a soul recall like you've never felt before!

-  Your own healing so that you can step into your purpose and own your personal mission!


- To the depths of wisdom anchored in your body and how to listen to your inner guidance system

- Connect to the astral realms, planets & star systems you originate from.

- Learn how to start accessing light language through different channels.

- Ignite your own ability to communicate with your whole soul, your guide team, & meet new collectives!

"Caitlin and her team have this magical way of being both out of this world and down to earth! The way they have put together their resources and courses make it so that anyone can learn and grow faster than imaginable, whether you’re a beginner or have been in this realm for a while. They are funny, kind and warm, while also holding you accountable and calling you on/showing you your self-imposed limits and boundaries. There is no other group like this out there!"

Nicole A.


  • The past-life and ancestral patterning that is holding humanity back
  • The missing puzzle piece to unlock your own healing and upleveling
  • How to step out of the disempowerment grid keeping Intuitives, Starseeds, Lightworkers and Healers stuck and broke
  • How you designed your unique contribution to moving the consciousness of this planet forward
  • Connecting with your spirit family and guide team for even more insight into where to go next
  • Your psychic abilities and amplify your intuitive healing gifts so you can make the difference you were born to make

Hey, I'm Caitlin and I'll be your guide on this journey...

I work as an Interstellar Bridge supporting awakening humans in the beginnings of their personal healing journey through to advanced practitioners looking to rekindle their Galactic connections and make quantum leaps with their healing abilities.

My goal is to teach you how to access the levels & layers of you, opening you up to the ancient knowledge that courses through your veins.

I believe in removing the disempowerment programs so prevalent in the Starseed & Healer communities. I will never tell you to just turn inwards, or to find the answer within yourself. Instead, you'll find tried and true resources, exercises, question prompts and ideas to unite you with the knowledge you seek.

As a multidimensional accelerator, it is my privilege to walk beside you as you reconnect to the Light in you!

xo C.

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What People are Saying...

Lizzie G.

The last Accelerator for me, was a life changer.

A new way of being. I am super grateful for finding it when I did and being in the community that has become family. I have learned so many tools and so much about myself.

I am excited to keep learning and growing!

Amanda R.

It's like being set free from all the conventional ideas that everyone subscribes to but don't really work.

It opens your mind to things you never thought possible but at the same time it's like putting together a puzzle where you just couldn't find the right piece but you knew it had to exist somewhere.

It's existential AF. And it's awesome.

Emily M.

The first Accelerator made me realize that certain things about myself, that I kept to myself most of my life for fear of being called crazy, were actually more aligned with my truth than anything else about me.

It opened me up to remembering the ways I use to express myself, and the way I trusted myself before the conditioning influence of others.

It brought me back to who I am.

Klara F.

The first Accelerator was an opening of a door to a world I didn’t know existed – and yet somewhere deep inside knew that it did.

It was this incredible combination of an incredible new potential unfolding, and a feeling of remembering. It has sparked a level of excitement about life that I hadn’t felt since I was a kid.


Jillian R.

If you need an algorithm interrupt - something to open you up to the magic and possibility that is within your reach in this human experience, I would describe it as a deep sea dive for buried treasure, hidden potential and freedom from wounds you didn't even know you had... Giving you the opportunity to meet yourself for the first time.

Erin M.

I didn’t know that I would be signing up for the biggest change of my life!

The Accelerator was like a gateway to a whole new level of self and tools. The growth I have experienced in the last year have been so incredible!

One of the biggest things I’ve ever learned is asking if it’s mine, 85-90% of the time it’s not!

Mandy V.

I went into the Accelerator hoping to learn more about different Starseed collectives. I came out of it with a major ass kicking and a new perspective, tools, friends and mentors that are helping me change mine and my family's life for the better.

I have also discovered a new passion and future career, and learned to love my authentic self once more.

Paulina S.

Opened my mind to so many opportunities and that there is an entire community of individuals that share the same thirst for knowledge and truth and have similar view points.

That I'm not alone in this.

Almost like a blast off to a new world. Like a first step towards your next steps of your journey.


The [last] Accelerator, for me, helped me remember my abilities and now how to tap in myself any time. It's allowed me to heal parts that were hidden or out of reach. It's put me in line, opened me up to true healing and cutting old issues.

I'm more in tune with my rhythms than maybe ever before and I am able to stay there, I see things clearer and with less distractions.

It's honestly been one of the best decisions of my life so far.

I loved it and would do it again. I tell my friends about it all the time.

Dana B.

The [last] Accelerator slingshotted me forward so quickly and miraculously, I feel like I've been seven different people since then. The life changes, the perspective changes, my level of awareness has all increased in an uncomfortable yet so beautiful way, and it gave me a drive to find out more truth, more of who I am, it really gave me this "I am not giving up" drive that propels me forward even when I get thrown off. It showed me that the possibilities are endless and it made me want to continue on this path because I know I can help people, which has been the one thing I've held onto my entire life.

Ariel M.

I've learned what my intuition sounds like and feels like more and how to use it in different areas of my life including relationships and that spans romantic, parenting, career, social life, etc.

I've gained language and ways of communication I didn't have before and tools to overcome what holds me back not just energetically but physically as well and how to find balance between them.

Ashley R.

In only a few months I have become more connected with myself & the Universe & feel like I can be myself in every way. I have become infinitely happier, less stressed, & I know without a doubt that I’m moving in the right direction now & it’s SO EXCITING.

My confidence in trusting my intuition and decisions grows daily. My hope & belief that anything is possible has been restored. My dreams and passion have been reignited. All of my interests & curiosities are being magically bridged together.

It’s incredible to have connections to an amazing community of kindred spirits & the ability to explore without limits or judgement. It all started with the Starseed Accelerator & I am infinitely grateful for this experience.