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We're tackling a hot topic: money and healing. Let's unravel the debate about how much healers should charge for their services. In this blog post we explore how the energy exchange we set plays a huge role in the level of transformation our clients receive.

How Much To Charge As a Healer: The SURPRISING Importance of Energy Exchange

abundance business healer Nov 02, 2023

Money and healing – it's like they're from two different universes, right? But what if I told you they're more connected than you think? Hear me out. 

As healers, we often feel the heat when it comes to charging for our services. People say we should do it for free, but hey, we've got bills to pay and lives to live too, right? 

So, let's talk about why we've got to get past this money taboo and how to identify what amount you can charge that will support both the highest level of service for you and your clients. 

Here's the deal – many of us have this idea that money is the root of all evil.

But what if I told you that money is just energy, and it's not inherently good or bad? It's the stories and emotions we attach to it that create the drama. When we let these negative beliefs taint our view, we push away the very thing that can help us grow.

Then there's this other thing that so many talented healers are playing into – some of us are waiting for the universe to hand us everything on a silver platter. But while we wait, we're living in a constant state of lack. It's like that story of someone drowning, refusing help because they're waiting for divine intervention. The truth is, sometimes help comes in unexpected ways, and we need to be open to it.

And let's not forget about the fear of abundance. We worry that having more money might change us or how others perceive us. But what if having more meant we could help more people? It's time to ditch these fears and embrace the idea that wealth isn't just for the big shots – it can flow to us healers too.

Now, here's the good news. The game is changing, my friends.

People are looking for healing and guidance from folks like us more than ever. They're turning away from big corporations and supporting local businesses and practitioners. It's like the world is saying, "Hey, we need your healing magic, so show us what you've got!"

But here's the kicker – are we pricing ourselves right? 

Are we valuing the energy and time we put into our work? Undervaluing ourselves not only affects our pockets but also our clients' commitment to the healing journey. How many of you have gotten a free ebook or training and barely used or read it?! But if you invested say a few hundred dollars, you’d be much more likely to show up and put it to work. 

 It's time to shake off the undercharging mindset and step into our worth.

What many people need to see is that money is an energetic gateway of expansion. But using currency as an investment in a better you, you are saying yes to the coaching, resources, grit and transformation it takes you to quantum leap from A to B.

I used to be reluctant to spend money on my growth when I had family priorities, but boy, as soon as I took those leaps and cleared all of the reasons why I “couldn’t” or “shouldn’t”, I was able to get the downloads to step into the new version of self that could easily afford it. 

Investing in coaching and mentorship opened up doors I didn't even know existed. It's like a secret weapon that unlocks hidden potentials and propels us forward.

You know that. 

And so it’s our responsibility to help potential clients make these decisions by supporting them emotionally through making the choice to invest. Us empaths and intuitives are quick to honor our prospective clients' needs by refraining from anything high pressure or salesly. But what we need to strengthen our skills around is the art of selling soulfully and helping people through their resistance to make really good f*cking decisions that have the ability to change their lives. By being unwilling to hear your clients' reluctance out, you are doing them a disservice by missing out on the potential opportunity to help them through it, when all they needed was a witness to validate their fears and get them to think differently. 

Here's the bottom line – our journey as healers isn't just about giving, it's also about receiving. Charging fair market value isn’t selfish; it's about creating a fair exchange that benefits everyone involved. So, let's break free from the money shackles, price our services well, and watch the magic happen. 

Because at the end of the day, our true wealth lies in the impact we make and the lives we touch. And until we are sustainable in our income and ripples of abundance, we aren’t able to make the full impact that we came here to share with the world. 

It’s time to embrace it!

So, here are some questions to help you get clear on an expansive gateway of exchange that will create the most for you and for your clients:

What kinds of results are you consistently getting for clients? 

What are others who are getting these results charging? 

What do you consider fair market value? 

What number can you confidently say without any "ick" attached to it or feeling like you have to be uber salesy?

What is the amount your clients need to spend in order to actually download & integrate their desired transformation?