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The Surprising Reason You're Stuck: Breaking FREE From Karma

akashic records ancestral healing karma Aug 22, 2023

How many times have you heard people using the term “What goes around, comes around.” when it comes to karma? In the spiritual and metaphysical communities, the idea of karma often conjures up images of cosmic justice or retribution for our actions, and righting of wrongs.

In reality, the idea that karma is a punitive mechanism is a false light grid and distortion.

What karma really is, is an intricate pattern of cause and effect that can bind us to repetitive cycles, trapping us in oh-so familiar (yet totally obnoxious) narratives and behaviors. In this blog post, I’m diving into the true nature of karma, debunking some common meta-myths, and sharing how to recognize if the core wound of karma is locking you into these cycles. Plus you’ll learn the secret key to free yourself from a Karmic Core Wound, which isn’t commonly talked about in new age communities.

Understanding the REAL Essence of Karma

Let's set the record straight: karma is not about morals or divine judgment. Instead, it's a tapestry of interconnected experiences and lessons that shape our journey through life through the (conscious and unconscious) choices we make. You can think of every choice you make like casting a vote for the direction of your future.

So through making certain choices, like attracts like. Karma is not a way for the universe to penalize us for perceived wrongdoings or past life mistakes. Rather, it is the intricate web of energy that connects our actions, intentions, and outcomes.

At its heart, karma is about patterns. These patterns can be positive or negative based on our experiences and the emotional triggers that accompany being in a loop.


Signs you may be dealing with the Core Wound of Karma:

If you've ever felt like you're living a recurring storyline, struggling with the same challenges, or living life on groundhog day, you might be dealing with the core wound of karma.

Here are some telltale signs you might have some clearing to do:

  • Repetitive Relationship Patterns: You find yourself encountering similar issues in your relationships, regardless of the person you're involved with.
  • Attracting Similar People: You notice a recurring type of person entering your life, bringing about similar dynamics and challenges. For example, if you’ve ever thought that you always attract narcissists or people being rude to you, this would be a Karma core wound!
  • Financial Cycles: Your financial situation seems to swing between periods of abundance and scarcity, leaving you feeling stuck in a cycle of instability.
  • Stagnation and Roadblocks: “One step forward, two steps back”. Just as you're about to make progress, obstacles arise, pushing you back and preventing you from moving forward.
  • Seasonal Triggers: Certain times of the year or specific events trigger intense emotions, often tied to unresolved past experiences.
  • Recurring Conflicts: You find yourself having the same arguments or misunderstandings with different people in various contexts.
  • Unhealthy Workplace Dynamics: Your interactions with bosses and colleagues follow a familiar pattern, creating a toxic work environment.
  • Physical and Emotional Symptoms: Chronic physical ailments, fatigue, emotional ups and downs, and cognitive fog may be indicators of a karma core wound.

Physical Symptoms that often accompany the Karma Core Wound:

  • Allergies, autoimmune conditions, or blood sugar issues
  • Brain fog & headaches
  • Fatigue, insomnia and/or a soul-level exhaustion
  • Hormonal fluctuations and menstrual issues


The Path to Healing: Breaking Free from the Karmic Cycle

There is value in the repeating patterns. It's not that you're being punished; although, it can feel that way sometimes. The repetition gives us the opportunity to see where we have unresolved issues to address.

Healing the karma core wound requires self-awareness, inner exploration, and a commitment to doing things differently, which can often feel uncomfortable in the beginning.

But the number one secret to moving past karma is to acknowledge that you DO have choice. In every situation, you have a choice. Anytime you’re playing into the thoughts of “I don’t have a choice”, “Why is this happening to me?” and “We are here to learn lessons”, you’re keeping the karmic patterns firmly in place.

The fastest way to do this is by acknowledging the repeating patterns with curiosity rather than a victim lens in order to understand their origins, and do the healing to break free from their grip. In many cases, as soon as you can see the storyline you’re playing out with that curiosity, choosing to no longer do so is enough to clear it completely.


What you can look forward to on the other side of karma

As you embark on the journey of healing your karma core wound, you'll begin to experience profound shifts in your life. The repetitive cycles that once felt confining will gradually lose their grip. Your relationships will become more harmonious, your emotional landscape more stable, and your financial stability more balanced. No longer will you feel like a passive participant in your own life, subject to the whims of fate or the influences of others who throw you off course.


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