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3 Things New Healers Can Do to Grow Their Spiritual Biz

business healer women's circles May 13, 2022

Almost a decade ago, I was building up the first iterations of what would become my practice today! Whoa, that’s a trip down memory lane to look back and see just how far I’ve come.

I had so many fears and doubts, stories I was telling myself about “could I actually do this?”

I had this big vision that I was starting to build up in my mind of what I wanted to birth out into the world, and yet I knew I had to focus on the little steps that would get me there. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

If you’ve found yourself here, I’m guessing that you’re so excited to start wielding all of your newfound healing skills to start supporting others. Or perhaps you’ve had the tools under your belt for a while and haven’t experienced that whole “build it and they will come” thing that everyone promises.

Reflecting back, I’ve narrowed it down to the 3 things that prepared me for the “success” I have today and that I think would serve you well as you embark on this adventure!

Remember, success is subjective and you are the only gauge of what that word means in your reality. For me, success is multi-faceted. Here are the top markers for myself:

  • Happiness and ease are my baseline normal operating system
  • Financially, I am free and stable
  • I feel aligned and joyful in the work I do
  • I am connected to amazing people who light up my world
    Adventures present themselves and are able to be created on the regular

You may wish to create your own list as a self-reflection exercise to check back to, and to use as a compass for when there are hard days. (or, perhaps when you catch yourself sliding into old habits!)

Below are the top 3 aspects of a successful healing practice (IMHO). Let’s get to it!


#1 - Connections, People First, Lead with Heart

You are not in business to serve an ideal client or avatar. You are a healer or wellness practitioner. You know that each person you come across is a beautiful tapestry with experiences, feelings, stories, and dreams of their own.

Create a community where people can express their individuality, see themselves reflected through the eyes of others, and find solace when their days feel tough.

Remember that authentic connections are what build relationships, trust, and alignment with you and your work. When people can see who you really are, it’s easy for them to say yes to themselves, and working with you becomes a no brainer. This means being able to see your face and hear your voice. People will not book if they cannot vibe with your tones.

Allow them to see what turns you on, turns you off, and always be real. Be accessible (to a point). Jump in on conversations, offer a question or perspective shift, and remind people of their abilities and light. Don’t let people use and abuse your inbox - we still need boundaries!

This can be achieved on a well-run social media channel, inside a community group that you build, or even in person as you gather souls together in a circle.


#2 - Choose One Focus To Start With

Let’s face it, most of us are multi-passionate individuals who know we can support people from so many different angles of health or wellness.

Think about a time you landed on a website that was promoting four or five different things. Likely, you chose none of them. Why? Because you couldn’t figure out the links or specifically what you needed. The pages weren’t speaking to you, they were speaking at you - tossing all of the possibilities your way in hopes you would buy something that appealed. Yet, you walked away empty-handed. Or you landed on an Instagram channel that you could not figure out for the life of you in the first 30 seconds what they were about - so you left.

The people who are looking for you will have the exact same behaviors.

We need to choose a single focus that speaks to a specific issue and a specific circle of humans that are going through or experiencing that thing. You can always add more later. But start with something that is tangle that they can grasp onto. They will be much more receptive to working with you again on something else once they have an invitation to come through your doors and work with you.

Oh, and your clients aren’t experiencing or looking for Reiki (or whatever other modality you practice). They are going through hardships, health issues, relationship or parenting struggles, awakenings and more that require the tool that you have to help them find their footing. Lead with the symptoms they’re experiencing so they know you get them, then support them with the tools. Always.


#3 - Keep it Stupid Simple

When you’re first starting out, you don’t need a full-fledged website, fancy sign-up pages, or a perfectly curated social channel. You definitely don’t need a logo! You need the bare bones that allow you to not get hung up on all the possible distractions you could choose, stopping you from getting out there!

All you need to launch your practice is a 1-page website with a booking calendar, an authentic way to show up publicly (insta, fb, youtube, tiktok), and enough discipline to keep showing up in the beginning stages when no one knows you exist yet.

Cross off all of those other things you thought you had to do. Shut down the overwhelming trajectories. There’s actually nothing hard about ‘just doing this thing’. It really is about your dedication to your message and craft.


That’s it. That’s the recipe. Make yourself accessible for booking, show up authentically, lead with heart, stay consistent, and don’t use old paradigm excuses to quit on yourself. That’s the formula.

If you’re ready to get going, I’ve got a great blog post with a bunch of my fav resources to make this even easier for you! Read the post here: 3 Ways to Be a Healer Online