Welcome to Healers Rising

Where we explore what it means to be a lightworker, starseed, and multidimensional being so you can live a life full of magic, expansion, and play.









Welcome to Healers Rising

Hey, I'm Caitlin. I work as an Interstellar Bridge to help you ground into your Starseed Mission here on Earth and fully remember who you are. I work with awakening humans in the beginnings of their personal healing journey, through to advanced practitioners looking to rekindle their Galactic connections and make quantum leaps with their healing abilities.
Wherever you are on that spectrum, you're welcome and loved here. 

Free Masterclass + Healing Activation

September 27th, 2022

In this 90-minute masterclass, I'm sharing what the spiritual & coaching communities get oh so wrong about true and lasting healing, and how we have to start looking at our entire terrain to unwind the programming, trauma, pain and illness that has manifest within our lives.

Plus I'll take you through an activation to unplug from the limitations of the current self-healing paradigm and re-inspire your body to heal itself.

Faster than you ever thought possible, as if by magic.

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Accelerate Your Soul

Programs to meet you where you're at along this journey.

The Disruptor Codes

Learn how to heal and reverse autoimmune, mental health, and lifestyle related diseases in your clients through a holistic blend of energy work and foundational anatomy and physiology.

What are the D-Codes?

Healers Rising Academy

 Engage in existential exploration, find your personal freedom, and finally say goodbye to the overwhelm of your healing journey inside my signature community of starseeds & intuitives.

I’m ready for the Academy!

Circle in a Box

Start a grassroots movement to connect in person for growth and healing. Leading a Sacred Circle is the most aligned way to build a thriving wellness practice in 4 weeks or less!

I want to Lead Circles!

Creating Magic with Money

Let's blow up all of those false realities, the identities we've built, labels we've worn and conditioning we've acquired to start our new relationship with money out on the right foot.

Show me the Money Magic!

Healer, Clear the Way

Learn how to access, read and clear the Akashic Records to find the source of what's holding you back so you can start re-writing your story with this 8-lesson course.

Take me to the Akashics!

Launch Healers Mastermind

Join a group of intuitive healers & coaches who are doing business differently and get weekly coaching calls with Caitlin as you put yourself out there to make a positive impact on the planet.

I'm ready to Rise!

"Humans have spent thousands of years learning to adapt to their environment. Now it's time to evolve." 

~ Caitlin Dianna

Want to work with me one-on-one?

Caitlin's Session Page

What people are saying...

I learned more in 4 months working with Caitlin than I did in 6 years with other healers!

Caitlin is an amazing soul, with such conviction and radiant confidence! When she teaches she lights up and I can feel my energy shifting and growing! I have been studying different kinds of energy work for about 6 years, in the first 4 months I’ve spent working with Caitlin I have come further in my intuition than I did in the 6 years working with other healers!

Caitlin walks beside you, not ahead.

Caitlin has such a unique teaching style. She invites you to learn alongside her.

I have taken mini classes, mentorships and gone on retreats that she has hosted, and I always walk away with more tools in my toolbox and a better version of ME! Thank you Caitlin for being YOU!

She just knew things about me and my path.

Caitlin was spot on with regard to what she told me I needed to do for next steps in business and in life, all without knowing me.
She is so relatable, down to earth, and GREAT at what she does and says to move you in the right direction.

I have learned so much from her in the short span of time that I have been in contact with her. Speak to hershe will amaze you too.

Magic in the Mountains Retreat: Banff, Canada

November 17-20, 2022

Join me in person at my favorite Galactic and Telluric meeting ground for an intensive acceleration like you’ve never experienced before. This 4-Day Retreat is all-inclusive at a 4-Star Hotel with world renowned chefs providing delicious meals to support your body, mind and spirit. You'll leave changed, I promise.


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