We coach the next generation of Energy Healers into their full potential so that they can build their soul-led business and help the beautiful people on this planet, heal. 

Over the past decade, Caitlin has dedicated her life to merging the worlds of Naturopathic Health and Quantum Energy Healing to finally bring a healing system out to the world that truly encompasses the whole human. The world is hungry for change, for grounding the truth in science and the innate intelligence of our intuitive senses. Caitlin has a reputation for "fixing the unfixable", solving complex health cases from cancers to mental health disorders, and everything in between. She's made it her life mission to share what she knows with as many practitioners as she can, so more people can heal, and the world can stop suffering at the hands of a fragmented "healthcare" system.

She has brought back apprenticeship into the healing arts to give her students a solid foundation to confidently spread their wings and build their soul-led energy healing practice. 


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How to Start Your Own
In-Person Circles

Have you ever wanted to start a Circle in your local community, but don't know where to start? Whether your goal is to gather like-minded community or start and grow your spiritual business, this Guidebook is for you!

  •  Over 300 Circles Started, Worldwide: Our simple method helps you get started, no matter your experience level and anywhere on Earth (even online)
  •  The 4 Things You Must Plan: It's all in the details and we'll help you cover every single one.
  •  Proven Systems Build Confidence: You don't have to reinvent the wheel or change who you are to lead. Our system let's you shine your way and facilitate on the topics that matter to you most.

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Do you feel like you must be missing something or just not putting the puzzle pieces together? Maybe you've taken a course (or, two!) and you're still not getting the results.
Fear not my friend! That was my reality until I realized that the gaps we were missing was the understanding of the human matrix and how our energy bodies actually store trauma and wounding!

That's why I created the most comprehensive and step-by-step healing training available in the world today.  

  •  800+ Active Members: Community who supports you, has been or are where you are and collectively working towards a better life for themselves and families.
  •  300+ Hours of Training In The Vault: Work through the lessons at your own pace and experience level. Trainings to suit beginners to energy work through to advanced energy healers.
  •  Proven Results: reclaim your health, sovereignty, and reignite your purpose. 
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What people are saying...

I learned more in 4 months working with Caitlin than I did in 6 years with other healers!

Caitlin is an amazing soul, with such conviction and radiant confidence! When she teaches she lights up and I can feel my energy shifting and growing! I have been studying different kinds of energy work for about 6 years, in the first 4 months I’ve spent working with Caitlin I have come further in my intuition than I did in the 6 years working with other healers!

Caitlin walks beside you, not ahead.

Caitlin has such a unique teaching style. She invites you to learn alongside her.

I have taken mini classes, mentorships and gone on retreats that she has hosted, and I always walk away with more tools in my toolbox and a better version of ME! Thank you Caitlin for being YOU!

She just knew things about me and my path.

Caitlin was spot on with regard to what she told me I needed to do for next steps in business and in life, all without knowing me.
She is so relatable, down to earth, and GREAT at what she does and says to move you in the right direction.

I have learned so much from her in the short span of time that I have been in contact with her. Speak to hershe will amaze you too.

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