Jenny P.

When D-Codes Level 1 sign ups came around, I had no intention of signing up because I had just begun my spiritual journey, and I assumed it was way out of my scope. But when I asked my pendulum and it said ‘Yes,’ I decided to trust it, follow it, and dive in - And IT CHANGED MY LIFE! I’ve healed and shifted countless aspects of my internal and external life, I found my soul mission, and now I’m starting my own healing business! If you have your YES - follow it 100%!

Nicole B.

Learning how to start healing myself was a game changer like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. If you have even a slight yes, jump in and take the chance on yourself!


Karen C.

D-Codes is hands down the most life changing course I have ever come across. Rarely do you find such an impactful course that literally opens your eyes to so much, teaches you actual applications to make huge shifts in your life, and how to help others do the same. This course is literally changing the world.

Ves V.

It was thrilling to follow my YES to do D-Codes. It was the best decision and investment I have ever made. Taking the course has given me the opportunity to strengthen my intuition and gain valuable knowledge of how our human body operates, interacts and conducts with all our subtle bodies, Akashic Records, different Dimensions and Quantum healing in general. D-Codes allowed me to begin a path to making my dreams become a reality. It's hard to explain how much of a privilege and an honour it is to be able to make such a positive difference for your clients during a session. I am also very grateful that I had the encouragement and support of an exceptional Mentor and a pod of beautifully positive and talented people making for some very special lifelong friendships.

Sarah J.

WOW by far the most laid back, genuine, straight shooting (calling you and your BS out) and relatable Courses and communities I’ve ever come across… the support, content, love and guidance received throughout my journey so far has helped me love and understand myself, my journey and my life for the first time EVER all while knowing I’m not alone.

Correne O.

The path of the light worker has been transformative, but my journey lacked direction. Caitlin gave me tangible tools that allowed for expansion and growth in ways that both illuminated my path and gave me confidence to keep pushing forward. I am incredibly grateful that I have found this life changing community.

Tracy M.

Working with Caitlin has absolutely blown my mind and has opened me up to trusting myself above all others. It has helped me to release the 'pedestal' syndrome that I was participating in by putting many of my teachers and mentors above me and looking to them for all the answers rather than turning the questions back to myself. My level of curiosity has increased tenfold, and I have worked through many past operating systems that were holding me back from showing up authentically and in my truth. I can't begin to thank Caitlin Scott and the HRA community enough for the renewed & remembered sense of 'self' I have and the acceleration of my own journey that I know I am here to experience. It has been truly life changing and miraculous, and I am so so grateful!

Jolene P.

The D-codes program is not for the weak at heart. This is a good thing. It's challenged me in ways that were very uncomfortable, and I have the growth and transformation to prove it. This is not just another modality. This is a bridge to bringing all of who you are, all the past learning and different aspects of self, to the table. There's nothing I could say in this review that would make the program even slightly predictable. If you're looking for a step by step list of steps and lots of absolutes to follow, this probably isn't the program for you. If ten people are in class together, they come out as ten different distinct healers on the other side. This is what acceleration looks like.

Tiffiny V.

D Codes helped me change the game on living in my own integrity and discontinuing a self detrimental people pleasing pattern. It’s great not having to have everything figured out, but having the right questions to ask to dig into what the next right move is in my own healing or in my life towards helping others. It’s so much more than a metaphysics learning opportunity. You get to truly heal the root issues of things that you may have carried all this lifetime- and ones before.



Dallas S. 

I took the Magic with Money class taught by Caitlin. I have had a fear of money my whole life from my family experiences, to growing into my own experiences. The class was more than just gaining abundance with Money, it was gaining a sense of self awareness. Caitlin has a way to really have you look in places that you don't want too but once that door is open you really start to see things in a whole different way; and that's where the Magic happens! Going through the clearing and removing the blocks it's been a success! We have increased our monthly income in ways I never could imagine. I am a stay at home mom with no income and my bank account has and keeps increasing. My husband was skeptical at first but I with all the ways abundance has found us, he is starting to change his own awareness. It has been a blessing and I'm truly grateful for Caitlin; her experiences of truth are a true reflection of the Universe.

Samantha G.

Caitlin's method of healing is very unique. She will hold space, guide and help you so you can see where and how you need to heal. I have taken a few of her classes and love her no bull crap way of guiding you to a place to see your own crap and give you the tools to move through of get rid of it! I love her out of the box thinking, it totally resonates with me! I also had the opportunity to attend one of her retreats and highly recommend that if you get the chance, go!

Sam R.

Caitlin has such a unique teaching style. She invites you to learn alongside her. She walks the walk and clears her own sh*t along the way with the rest of us. I have taken mini classes, mentorships and gone on retreats that she has hosted and I always walk away with more tools in my toolbox and a better version of ME! Thank you Caitlin for being YOU!

Tiffany P.

I was lost in my spiritual journey and felt like something was missing. That's when I found Caitlin and her transformative approach to breaking through metaphysical barriers. Working with Caitlin completely changed my life for the better.

Caitlin goes beyond merely providing knowledge; she encourages self-reflection and guides you towards a more mindful existence. With her help, I was empowered to discover the answers that were already within me all along - something which would have never been possible without her wisdom and guidance. Her ability to show us how we can break through our own limitations has been a true blessing in my life as it enabled me to move forward into a much larger understanding of my personal power and potential as an individual on this planet. 

Caitlin's work is truly remarkable.

Tauren N.

D-Codes is a game changer, an eye-opening journey to your own truth. Taking you in one way and metamorphosing you into another. The biggest awareness for me was being shown the alchemy of mind, body, and soul, and how to use my body as a tool to understand and develop a relationship with self. D-Codes is helping me reframe the way I perceive myself and how I interact with the world to live my most magical and aligned lifetime yet.

Ariel N.

HRA is the gateway into what's possible. The techniques are simple and the nuggets of wisdom are mind blowing! If you're willing to put in the work and truly examine how you operate in daily earth-life, the possibilities are endless. 10/10 would recommend to anyone ready to have everything they thought they knew turned completely upside down. If you're looking for fun, community, and a wealth of information in one place... hands down HRA is the place for you! #stepintosovereignty

Michelle F.

D-Codes 1 has changed my life. It has given me a completely different view on how the body can physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually be impacted by the past and present. Learning the skills that have been taught have improved my chronic physical pains in my knee, hip, jaw, and misalignment in my physical features.

I have been able to work on, clear a substantial amount of PTSD that had me in a state of such anxiety that I never left my house (my husband did all the shopping), I could not answer my phone or text messages (even when it was my own family members), I could not talk to family members without having anxiety attacks, I was severely depressed with no ambition, insomnia, eating disorders, fibromyalgia ….. I could keep going with all the things that WERE wrong with me.

But after starting the D-Codes 1 course material, starting sessions, doing the internal work, and finding who I really am… I no longer struggle with any of these things. D-Codes 1 changed my life so drastically that I would recommend the opportunity to everyone that is even pondering it. It can change your life if you are wanting it to change. Be ready because it happens fast!!!!

John W.

D-Codes training has completely overturned my concept of what a healing practitioner can be and even what it means to be living a human life. What we learn is relevant to every aspect of our lives and all who we relate to, not just clients during sessions. It’s about learning a fascinating variety of healing tools and building curiosity and intuition to find what mix is needed for each unique situation. The training is fun, it’s intense and it’s life changing.





Mary Lynn P.

The D-Codes program has completely changed the direction of my life. I had tried many different modalities over the years to shift my issues and when I found Caitlin and learned about the D-Codes program I knew that was it. That was the pivotal moment where I had found the very thing that was going to finally shift my health problems for good. I didn’t even know what it was about and I already had my yes because of how much of an impact the Healers Rising community had on me when I joined. Not only does the program allow you to figure out all the ways you can dig deep and clear out your energetic weight and effectively heal physical and mental dis-ease, it also teaches you how to become a healer to support others in their unfolding. The standard of practice that comes with being a D-Coder and living by the creed of doing no harm is very much in alignment with the vision I hold as a quantum healer. It is next level and not for the faint of heart. This is the future of healing as we know it, and D-Coders are changing the world.

Benita W.

Working with clients for a few years now I have always had a disconnect of why and how the body stored emotions. When practicing Reiki on people and animals, it quickly became readily apparent that there was a strong correlation of our past woundings being held onto in the physical body. In sessions we would work on one area of discomfort, the client would begin to shift, but soon I found that they would not remain shifted or healed.

But why was this? How was it returning to the body in physical forms of ailments so repeatedly after we already targeted that area? Why were people not able to fully heal things? I had to know.

By opening myself up to learning about D-Codes I was able to bridge that gap and grasp the full scope of my dearly sought answers. Not only does the mind and body connect directly via cellular memory, neural pathways, nerves, hormones, and so much more physically but also the energy stored within the cells themselves. I discovered in the D-Codes teaching that in my previous sessions, I was not getting to the true root of the issue(s). And much like a tree, if you don’t extract the roots of it all, it will grow back! 

D-Codes taught me to follow the client’s body map, much like on a treasure hunt of sorts, until we can locate, then unlock the main point of the held memory or trauma. Once we discover the origin, we can then unlock the roots of it to set them and the client free, once and for all, thus resulting in the ailment simply dissipating. Whether it be physical, emotional or mental - once you get the roots out, the clients have significant shifts that actually last! As you can imagine, the ripple affects simple ease forward in a variety of ways, creating space for them to yet again, be happy, inspired and feeling weightlessly free! 

D-Codes has truly allowed me a deeper understanding of my clients’ bodies, minds, dis-ease, and of them as a whole. With each client booking I am always excited to see what new pathway I can travel alongside them on to assist them to finally free themselves into a new way of living!

Andrea M.

Caitlin’s teaching style encourages you to question everything and follow what is best for you at that time. There is room for you to expand beyond your own expectations within her programs… actually, if you don’t toss out those expectations, she will call you out on the limits you placed. The foundation you receive enhances anything and everything you already bring to the table and allows you space to be your own expression.

Jessica B.

D Codes is a life changer - I am not the same person as I was before D Codes. It really allows you to look at your own stuff and really get to the bottom of it so you can heal yourself. Now I am helping others get there too and it feels amazing! Not to mention I have made life long friends through it:) I truly love it and highly recommend it to others who are ready to transform themselves!

Nicole D.

The courses Caitlin offers teaches you to remember, align with and step into your highest soul essence while simultaneously learning how to ground into your human avatar in a healthy, fully embodied way. Rather than give you all the answers, she challenges + inspires you to track into and find them yourself, which invites a deep transformation on every level if you truly show up and do the work. I've accelerated faster and farther in the 8 months working with Caitlin than the entire decade plus that I've been on the spiritual path. I'm SO thankful for this sacred space filled with magical, amazing people who want to play, help each other rise and truly anchor into + emanate the energy they want to see ripple into the world.

Rochelle L. 

Where to start.... I joined HRA after the February 2021 starseed accelerator with the notion that i would try it for a month… you cant get through HRA in a month! I am still here! I have went through Dcodes 1 and am starting Dcodes 2 next week! The changes i have seen in myself are mindblowing, i am more confident in myself, the weight is literally dropping off as if by magic and my relationships are so much more beautiful and strong! I swear the saying “we are instagram besties and dont know it” describes mine and Caitlins connection lol! This community is so amazing as so supportive, i havent had an online community feel this much like family!

Daria N. 

I joined HRA and D-codes program 1.5 years ago, hoping to regain some traction and understanding after NDE, abrupt awakening and a fair bit of emotional chaos and frustration with life... I've got sooo much more. I've got HUNGRY. Hungry for life. Not the life I thought I have to live, but the life I always wanted to live and never thought I could. Because I had been shown 100s of other lifetimes my Soul lived already and seen 100s more lives to come. And once your Soul fully arrives and remembers all that it is, there is no going back. You heal. You shift. You transform. You explore. You choose. You flow. You create. You reclaim your magic and you use it to shape up a better life and to help others do it too. I have so much love and gratitude to my HRA Star family.

Shannon A.

I began my healing journey about 12 years ago when my body was so fed up with the stress and the wear and tear I was putting on it that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I tried this diet and that diet, balanced my Chakras continuously, meditated, thought lots of positive thoughts, and while some of it helped… it didn’t really help…. Then I ran into some pretty devastating trauma, and my life got way worse. I knew there was more to healing - something deeper, something simple yet profound - a shift in my perspective and awareness that was needed.  As soon as I was introduced to Caitlin’s work, I knew immediately that I had found what I was looking for.  Caitlin challenges mainstream ideas because she has healed herself from the trauma she experienced, and now walks with those who are ready to heal themselves. I have learned more about myself and the metaphysical world in the past year and a half than I did in the previous 10 years, and I have had so much of my trauma healed!  I am now starting to enjoy life. I am starting to feel enthusiastic, I’m finding wonder in the world again and I’m feeling better now than I have since my mid teens. Thanks Caitlin!

Stephanie J.

HRA has opened me up to a world of possibility and an amazing journey to find myself. I felt lost in a sea of spirituality podcasts after awakening. When I found the HRA community and Caitlin's teaching videos, I felt like I found my home. As a newbie to spirituality, I felt welcomed with open arms into a community of like minded individuals helping everyone to navigate everything from tough life situations to working with spirit guides. With the support of this team and the HRA tools, I feel like I can push through any challenge that comes my way! Thank you Caitlin, Violet, and the entire HRA team!

Darian H.

D-Codes level 1 is an amazing, expansive program that challenged me to step up to the plate and into the role of the observer, student of everything, and to put myself out there. The biggest shifts I have seen in myself since I began have been gaining a renewed sense of purpose in helping others, and brought forth the will to exist; I've moved from a conclusive mindset to an inquisitive mindset. Following my expansion, I am now continuing with the D-Codes journey in level 2 and I can't wait to see just who I will be on the other side!

Tammy Lee S.

Caitlin Scott has a magical way of asking the right questions to go into the deep diving of what is truly holding one back and does not give up until the work is done. Caitlin has helped me to debunk old limiting thoughts and assisted and guided me to experience breakthroughs in some major blocks that I discovered while working with her, which also have allowed more of my TRUE Abilities to come forth and expand beyond what I could have imagined. The classes Caitlin Scott offers are good for people in all levels of their own inner work, from the novice to the expert. If you are on the fence JUMP over and Say "YES" you will be glad you did, as long as you are willing to do the work‼️‼️ I would LOVE to win a spot in one of Caitlin's upcoming classes <3 Always learning, growing and implementing along the way.

Abigail O.

For me, HRA started out as being a community of like minded people I could come together with in circle. It has now grown into a lifestyle for me. I have learned, grown and changed so much since I joined HRA a year ago than I did in 8 years of counseling and coaching services outside of this group. I never could have imagined I would be able to learn how to get myself out of trauma loops faster than I got into them and actually live a life where I can thrive in every way. If you think this is what you want, don’t walk, run to the registration button. Your life and those of the people you love will be changed for the better, forever!


Lisa B.

I joined HRA after the last Starseed Accelerator and am hooked. There is so much information here! I love that everything is connected and cohesive. For so long I was trying to figure out how Reki could mesh with nutrition and how numerology, akashics, and astrology played into the other areas. HRA helps me fit the puzzle pieces together. I love the community here; lots of different perspectives and wisdom to tap into, which helps me expand and grow. Being a part of this community has also helped me find more confidence in myself, with the innate wisdom, talents and skills I bring to this life. I realized that my journey has prepared me to do my own special things while I’m here and if I don’t do them, I am not only stagnating myself, but also the others that I could have touched with my gifts. It’s giving me the courage to speak my truth and live it as well. It’s a fun and beautiful playground!

Leah P.

All I have to say is me a year ago vs me now is nearly unrecognizable. I joined HRA right after the SSA in August of 2021 and let me tell ya it has been one hell of a ride since! I really started showing up for myself and taking radical accountability and boy did my life shift. I jumped into D-Codes while homeless. My kids and I were staying in a hotel. I had absolutely no clue how I was gonna pay for it, but I knew deep within my soul, within every fiber of my body that that was exactly where I needed to be. I've never been so jolted by a YES in my life and so... I followed it. Shortly after joining, my car was totaled and I felt beyond defeated, I had zero support from family and I felt so very alone. Everything was crumbling before my eyes. Historically, I would have given up, thrown in the towel and called it quits. It was different this time though. I dug my heels in and pushed through. Instead of running from community, I embraced the members in HRA and my fellow Spirit Quartz gals and applied everything Caitlin, Violet and Karen taught. Every time I was playing in the control dramas, I caught myself and corrected my behavior. Every time something surfaced, and oh my goodness, so much did and fast, I journaled about it, made sure I was looking at it from an empowered observer's standpoint and dove right into the Akashics to clear that shit. I think my biggest take away, though there are SO many, is that I was playing the victim and to compensate for me not feeling like I was able to save myself at the time, I was playing the savior archetype with nearly everyone else in my life. And man which sandwich, it was effing exhausting. I was waiting for someone to save me for so long because I had played the savior for so many others. As soon as I came to the realization that it was only me that could save me, that I was the Master and Creator of my own Universe, that I hold the power for my own transformation, and then added the action to holding myself completely accountable for my life, that's when things really started shifting for the better. It's mind blowing what stepping out of that victim/ savior archetype can do! Within 3 months of not only learning, but applying the D-Codes magic, clearing statements, Akashic work, Money Magic, I was out of homelessness, had a beautiful car I adore, and stable enough to support my 2 children while growing my own business. More importantly, I'm now so unwaveringly sovereign in my own field, I'm confident, happy, thriving and the absolute best part is I get to continue my mission helping people heal as an empowered guide. I am so grateful for Caitlin, Violet, Karen and literally everyone else that is a part of HRA. Ya'll are absolutely amazing and beyond appreciated.

Emily M.

To say Caitlin has changed my life is an understatement. I have struggled my entire life with my mental health - anxiety, depression and cyclothymia. I have seen countless therapists over the years, tried medication and other tools but nothing ever stuck for me and I always would tend to slip back down no matter what I did. In the one year that I have been part of this community, I have been able to unravel these "disorders" entirely and I have learned so much about myself. I actually get excited now when my "anxiety" flares up because it is simply showing me what else I need to track and clear. Not only have I lost 30 lbs on my physical body, the heavy weight of trauma in my soul has been lifted and I feel lighter in so many ways. I refer to working with Caitlin as my "spiritual gym membership" because it is truly the only thing that has CONSISTENTLY improved my health and mindset in a very visible and real way. Thank you so much for all you do, and for this amazing opportunity for growth!

Chelsey F.

Caitlin Dianna's D code program is unlike any modality or healing program I have ever found. I had worked with doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, and practitioners of Eastern medicine for several years without achieving the results I wanted or needed. Within just 2 sessions of working with my D-Codes practitioner I was able to get immediate and long lasting results with my spine. I became so passionate about this program that I decided to join in and learn to do this healing work for myself and others. I have already completed level one and am completely mind blown by the things I have learned. This program has completely changed my life in all the best ways and I'm excited to see what is in store for me with level 2 and 3. I have been so impressed by the values and integrity that Caitlin and her team have shown and have helped me to achieve as a healer. It really speaks volumes that Caitlin strongly presses her healers to do no harm to their clients. I can't wait to see what this new journey has in store for me next as I travel with these amazingly talented souls.

Angela R.

What is this? How can it help me? I have had the privilege of being the receiver and the giver in this modality. As a receiver it opened the doors for me to fully remember who I am. It healed so many things that I was holding in various parts of my body thinking “Oh, my weight is there because of my surgery.” Well no that isn’t why it was there. What feelings and emotions was I holding there? More than I cared to look at. By looking at these emotions and healing them I was able to process them better and at the same time see the physical changes in my body. It works!

As a healer I now have the ability to assist others in healing things that I never dreamed possible. I can better connect with my clients by speaking a language we all understand: “ I feel some tension in your right shoulder.” It allows us to connect at a simple level and bring up so much more that is deep inside.  Does D-Codes work? Absolutely! Are you ready to heal not just your soul but your physical body as well? I know I am.

Veronica M.

D-Codes offers the opportunity to collect tools and bridge information together to create movement and heal self and others. D-Codes has also taught me to own my own shit, recognize what is it mine and release old patterns and behaviors that need to be unpacked and released. D-Codes has changed my perspective on everything, taught me to always be curious, strengthened my intuition and understand how our emotions are all stored and tied up in our body.

Ashley M.

The D-Codes Level 1 course immensely improved the quality of my life. I've gone from not knowing the difference between myself and others around me or their projections/perceptions of me, to having the ability to discern the difference. Also, my ability to make decisions for myself and to be ok no matter what the consequences of those decisions are, is one of the biggest things that has changed for me. This course is life changing in all the good ways and I can't recommend it more. The safety and security of this container and the ability of all of the mentors to be able to hold space for some really deep and profound healing is phenomenal.

Jagss S.

Joining DCODES was the next most natural & exciting step for me to take after HRA.

What did D-Codes give me? A consistent progression in my self development, the ability to envision, choose and manifest a life I truly desire as an energy healer.

My assigned mentor was an inspiration & supportive guidance to me on the D-Codes journey. The virtual classes, mentor sessions, homework, group activities have also been brain stimulating & challenging which was what I was seeking when I signed up.

I love the blending of the D-Codes philosophy, anatomy, energy healing, mediumship & other tools. My intuition and communication with different beings switched on. I was able to witness how these could be used effectively. I was also able to see the picture of how D-Codes works & what sets it apart from other modalities. This was like watching magic in action.

We were encouraged to question everything, even Caitlin the founder of D-Codes, there’s no hierarchy, just a high standard and ethical code of practice. There is also continued assurance, keys and support for the D-Coders in this safe container, even post training. This has been a truly awesome training experience for me, the most profound training I’ve ever taken in all my years. I would definitely recommend D-Codes level 1.

Gina P.

I stepped in to take D Codes Level 1 without hesitation and the choice has been phenomenal. The in depth instruction not only gives you knowledge of how to work and release in your mental self but through all layers of the mind, body and soul. I never expected the in-depth topics of the dimensions, the body systems and how all they all interact/affect each other. Where else can you get lessons on the structures of the body and what happens when things on a soul/akashic level are changed, rerouted, and corrected? I came out of level 1 feeling confident in the work I do not only for myself but for others as well. I can not wait to see what opens for me as I learn in D Codes 2. Looking back at who I was to who I am, it's a no contest.

Cassie W.

Wow, where to start, I joined HRA in March this year after the accelerator and it's hard to put in words the immense change I have gone through. I have found a love for deep diving into my Akashic Records, I've connected with people who have passed over, I've cleared and cleansed my house, I've found my truth testing and that's been a game changer ! I no longer have to second guess anything, I no longer have to sit in meditation for hours and journal for hours to determine the next right move. Oh and the clearing work my god I've cleared some ISH, my ancestral line, I've cleared many many past life traumas and I'm clearing every day and following the triggers. So, so much gratitude for this amazing container and the people inside it. Thank you thank thank you xx

Krystee S.

I don't even know where to start with this review! I "found" Caitlin about a year ago, and since that time, my life has improved exponentially! I've had healing sessions, taken classes, participated in mentorships and even went to a retreat recently. 
Caitlin doesn't just heal or fix you, she gives you the tools you need to become your own healer, your own best version of yourself. She holds space for you to see your own truth and for you to grow and expand beyond anything you ever thought possible. And she's totally relatable and down-to-earth! There are no gimmick or tricks or hidden agendas with Caitlin. Take one of her classes or mentorships and you will NEVER look at life the same way again. My mind has been blown so many times and each time, it only gets better. 
If you've ever wondered or pondered or imagined what else is "out there", I urge you to cast aside your doubts and blocks and take the plunge. Book a personal session or class with Caitlin today, you will not be disappointed. I am beyond grateful that I took that first, life-changing step when I did and I look forward to seeing what comes next

Heather V.

What I love most about working with and learning from Caitlin is how she encourages you to empower yourself. She doesn’t say she is going to ‘fix’ you, but leads you to learn to help yourself. She supports you in practicing skills that create room for anything and everything you want. If you do the work, you will experience success. Thank you Caitlin for coming into my life when you did! Your guidance has allowed me such abundance!

Cindy E.

When I discovered Caitlin 2 years ago I was trying to reinvent myself. I had several meta modalities under my belt but none really felt in alignment for me. Caitlin’s teachings brought all these modalities and more under one roof for me! That is when I discovered that I was not reinventing myself but actually discovering who I really was! I was able to discern what was mine and what was not, what was false beliefs and programming. I have much gratitude for Caitlin and her teachings as I continue to peel back the layers, heal and rise to my fullest potential.

Candace B.

HRA came my way during the lock Ironic ...this group has locked down so many amazing lifestyle changes for me and the ripple affect for others in my life with out having to say anything....the energy and moving forward in my actions has guided myself and others to a more stable...control free and toxic free home (personal and physical). This program just keeps giving and giving in an expanding and lovingly kick ass way. So much that at times one can need time to process it all and fall behind...but....the library stores it all for your convenience...this connection has been a true blessing to my life and those around me. If you've ever wondered or pondered or imagined what else is "out there", I urge you to cast aside your doubts and blocks and take the plunge. Book a personal session or class with Caitlin today, you will not be disappointed. I am beyond grateful that I took that first, life-changing step when I did and I look forward to seeing what comes next

Cielo L.

All I can say ladies and gents is WOW. What amazing insight and clarity and REAL power. You just have to experience a session to really get it, and you know what? Caitlin is so powerful that even though it was online, it felt like we were sitting in the same room together...

Janet R.

When I came into the Light Your Fire Mentorship, I was a chronic asthmatic that had to use an inhaler 1-2 times a day and sometimes a nebulizer. One session with Caitlin and I haven't had to use my inhaler at all nor the nebulizer. I was also very allergic to molds and fungus and that no longer is an issue. My psoriasis is no longer an issue either.

Becky B.

I have been with HRA for almost two years and it has been an amazing ride. I found the community I had long been missing. I’m learning and re-learning (there are always new layers) real life lessons that help me achieve the life I want to live. Using money magic I got into a course I had been interested in for about 5 years and completed it successfully. Life knocked me for a bit of a loop recently, and digging back in always feels good. People are always supportive and help you get on track. You just gotta be willing to put in the work and recognize your truths. The simplest tools are life changing. #isitevenmine? #singsletitgo

Joanne N.

HRA is the Starseed Life School I didn’t even know I needed! The various topics taught & discussed, as well as the skills & connections gained from being a part of the community are remarkable.In her trainings, Caitlin has a knack for breaking down complex quantum concepts & making them easier to understand.The other mentors & trainers also bring their unique lensing & areas of expertise to share.

Never have I ever (in this human lifetime) been more riveted & enthralled about wanting to learn & experience everything!


Alisson W.

In Jan 2021 I was added to the Starseed accelerator group. I joined HRA shorty after. From that moment on the way I perceived life started to get more positive and expansive. The tools in the HRA library have greatly help me relieve a lot of mental health fog and overwhelm. I have met wonderful people in this community, shared amazing codes, had great laughs and cries. HRA has truly helped me gain a sense of love, connection, and friendship back into my life.



Courtney S.

It all started on one hot summer day in July 2020. Scanning upon Facebook I came across The Starseed Accelerator. Since I had really been into all of the meta world at the time, my intuition said join it! So, I did. I can't say I was entirely focused during it, but I hopped into HRA faster than I could think when it was offered.

Since then, I have evolved so much as a human. My emotional intelligence was lacking and I was spinning circles trying to discover myself. This community changed it all! I have healed so much and come so far, and I couldn't have done it without the support and vast teachings here. Every piece of me has grown and while I have much to heal still, HRA has given me all of the tools to achieve more than I could have ever dreamed.

My biggest accomplishment aside from improving my health was fixing my relationship with my husband. We were on very shaky grounds and fought every single day. Now we are able to flourish and create wonderful things together. Through my healing here, he has been able to expand as well.

I cannot express enough gratitude to Caitlin, Violet, and the whole team for all of the hard work they put into HRA. I am thankful everyday for the amazing teachings and codes they provide to us and the safe space that is created here.

Crystal R.

HRA has unquestionably changed my life! After my first Starseed accelerator, in Feb 2021, I joined and felt immediately at home. Within the time since joining, I've navigated so many heavy life events but life just keeps getting better. I am expanding and inspired, improving my finances, continuing to breakthrough barriers and clearing limitations. I have become more aware, confident, aligned, and curious. HRA has created connections to amazing people and so much information but most importantly allows you to take back your personal power and grow whether you make it easy or take longer to integrate, the group is here holding space.

Colleen M.

Healers Rising has made such a huge difference in my life and my spiritual journey! What I love is that Caitlin and her team ALWAYS teach and recommend discernment and truth testing. There is so much distortion in the metaphysical world and the beginning of my journey was so confusing and overwhelming. Healers Rising changed that! I've had more expansion as a part of this community than I had on my own, I've healed things I didn't even know were a problem for me, I know how to stay on axis and not take anyone's truth as my own without discernment, and I've made such incredible soul friendships!! I love being part of a community that is aware of control dramas and avoiding distortion as much as possible. Not to mention the insanely loaded library of magical goodies!! I'm so grateful to have found Healers Rising!

Keren H.

Discovering this group has changed not only my life but my family’s lives. I discovered HRA through my lovely friend Claire and just felt it in every cell in my body. These are your people this is safety and this is we’re unconditional love can be felt. Going back to my own story since joining I was really ill. I had a disease called Adenomyosis as well as endometriosis and chronic fatigue. My physical body wasn’t matched to who I was inside. I got a huge yes for Dcodes and it blew my mind. I learnt so much cool stuff and put it all to practice straight away I did a hormone reset and completely came off every single pharmaceutical I’d been on for years. I felt amazing bit my body was rapidly deteriorating. The disease had spread, I felt no symptoms but had major surgery and all diseased tissue & organs were removed. I’m 8 weeks into recovery and feel 25 again I have no pain no medication and I’ve accelerated into becoming my own boss helping others see there power and cannot wait to grow even more next year. Dcodes taught me how to take back my life and shine. Grateful for this space and all the magical people within it and of course Caitlin Thank you for showing me how to heal (cried a little writing this) words just aren’t enough.

Amanda M.

HRA has changed everything for me. I finally feel accepted, included, and respected and I have learned how to check myself and protect my energy and heal others all things I've been asking for and it manifested in HRA. I'm not going anywhere!

Melissa M.

HRA is the foundation that every aspiring healer/intuitive/mystic needs to have. It laid the foundation for all of my tools & capacities and allowed me to learn and grow more than any other paid membership or program to date! Super grateful for this community.

Samantha R.

There was no doubt in my mind that I would take level one D-Codes even considering I had just joined HRA a couple months prior and I’ll forever be grateful for the gateway into a whole new way of being and living. Stepping into D-Codes was the most well laid out program and the most expansive journey I’ve ever taken in my whole life. By the end of it, I was practicing spiritual tools like mediumship, Akashic record reading, and other healing tools that I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d be doing for myself never mind having the opportunity to start using them in my own life coaching practice. If you ever have the opportunity to have D-Codes land on your path, step into it and embrace the beauty in the unraveling of your soul

Nicole P.

DCodes has been absolutely life changing. I jumped in head first and although I had no idea what to expect I knew this was what I was missing in my life. DCodes has changed my entire life on all layers and levels for the better. It is giving me the tools needed for expanding my skills, my knowledge, and my healing. I'm so grateful for Caitlin and her team.

Lindsay N.

Caitlin's teachings inspire you to open you up and step into a whole new world of possibilities, perspectives and growth. Being a part of this collective and everything and the way it has helped me create change is truly the highlight of my life thus far. Much gratitude, love and respect.

Kristine M.

D-Codes saved my life.

"When I met Caitlin in January 2021, I was a heroin & pot addict who was struggling to stop using. But life had gotten to a point where I just couldn't handle the trauma from all the abuse I had experienced as a child, plus the constant attacks from my ex's new wife and at my toxic job.

My kids lost their father to an overdose shortly before then and almost lost me multiple times to overdose too.

I felt like I had no control over my life.

But I was desperately looking for a way to not leave my children orphans. And so when I stumbled across the D-Codes page, none of it made sense to me, it went right over my head. But I signed up immediately.

Within a month of being in D-Codes, I was able to stop using the Suboxone overnight without withdrawal symptoms, which is unheard of.

I've done a full 360. There's no more substance use. No more codependence. I'm able to use my voice and speak up for myself. I'm able to speak for others, and I'm able to do so without being violent. I've reconnected with all my family members and I don't look at my life through the lensing of victim. I'm majorly content in my life."

Lynn C.

It's literally changed my life.

Joining HRA has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life, it has literally changed my life in so many ways I never even imagined possible. Through the circles, discussions, and classes offered in this community, I have learned so much and continue to learn every day.

I feel grounded, balanced, and at home truly. It has been a rebirth and a remembering of my true soul essence, and I am incredibly grateful for this guidance and continuing journey.

Sarah C.

An epic journey of transformation.

I finally found a place I can explore my starseed self, my angelic self, my higher self and all my selves. All made reality with a bunch of practical guidance, tools, and support that can be easily fit into my everyday life. All that 'woo-woo' meta stuff that doesn’t make sense, suddenly does.

Continuous coaching and guidance from a supportive team of magical beings! I’m so glad I found home."


Paige B.

I can honestly say that every single day I can come here and learn something new and I have made it common practice to have one magical experience or breakthrough in my growth daily.

In this group I feel safe to not only be myself and speak of things that are outside the norm, but that I can learn from and really respect the advice and experiences each member brings forward.

I sing the praises of this group everywhere I go and I always am sure to let people know that my favorite thing about this space and learning from Caitlin is how real it is. We talk about some pretty wild out there things and yet, there is no fluff and fantasy. I can take the teachings and stories and apply them to my life.

There is no mask or acting, just real people committed to making this world, their family line and themselves a better version than it was yesterday.

Mia B. 

For most of my life I felt I could never truly 'show myself' to the world.

I was a people pleasing, anxiety-ridden gal who was afraid of saying, doing, or feeling the wrong things according to others. I wanted things to get better and I didn't know how.

As soon as I joined HRA and started applying the tools and teachings, my life began transforming in miraculous ways. I no longer experience debilitating panic attacks, I've shed 20 lbs of stubborn weight, my wealth (yes, wealth!) and health have increased, and I have found a safe space to rediscover and expand my intuitive gifts.

The best part? I am my most confident self! I am living and loving life on my terms! Words will never be enough to express my gratitude for Caitlin and the supportive HRA community.

Heather V.

I joined HRA after the Starseed Accelerator in August 2021. The level of support within the community is unreal.

I feel like I'm learning so much but also like there is a never ending supply of new information. I'm really enjoying taking my time to move through the plethora of lessons, giving myself the time I need to integrate and really bring the education to life.

In the couple months in the community I feel much lighter, balanced, and confident to tackle whatever is bubbling to the surface to be worked through. I feel myself inching closer to reaching evermore potential and growth with each interaction with not only the group but what's being facilitated within myself.

It's as if I'm being brought to meet myself face to face and I think I'm really starting to like who's looking back.

Marcie D.

It's a place to keep learning.

I love the monthly topics where I can keep working on new skills or reinforce ones we’ve already learned. It keeps me on track so I don’t lose focus. I love the support. I love the safe space of the community. I love the resources like energy updates, meditations, and intuition challenges. Thank you for this group!

Whitney P. 

Healers Rising came into my life at a time when I wasn't sure which way to turn.

It gave me the opportunity to join Flow Body, which gave me the tools I needed to heal not only my physical symptoms/body but how to disconnect from the mental symptoms that came along with it.

I have learned to become the observer which trickles down to every aspect of life for the better.

Healers Rising has given me the tools needed to open the door to my gifts rather than being fearful of them. I appreciate this community so much and really enjoy learning from not only Caitlin and her team but the whole Healers Rising community.

Sheona S.

I joined HRA after listening/watching a few of Caitlin’s YouTube videos and I haven’t regretted it for a second. This is where my daily life changed.

I went from experiencing a lot of anxiety, emotional roller coasters, fear and unexplained pain in my body to now having an incredible flow of communication with my body, working with and through emotions as they come up quickly with ease, finding all the space in my body to breath into, and an excitement to push into what were previously uncomfortable situations.

I’ve built a relationship with my body and no longer think it’s working against me or what I want. No more excuses!

Nicole A.

Grow your own way.

Healers Rising feels like home. It’s a space with like minded people who understand our spiritual path and never judge you. Whether you move slowly or at the speed of light, you are encouraged, cheered on and challenged along the way. The amount of learning and growth that happens here is worth exponentially more than the monthly cost, and the feeling of belonging and having worth is priceless!

I'm ready to start my journey!