Do you want to heal yourself?

And have you ever wished there was a step-by-step manual to know EXACTLY what to do at every stage of your healing and awakening journey?

I have to let you in on a secret... the manual exists.

D-Codes: You Can Heal Yourself is the step-by-step guide you've been looking for to heal in all 3 levels:

1) Raising Consciousness
2) Healing Yourself
3) Clearing the Family Line

So you can finally create the whole, healed, and abundant state that your soul is here to live.

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D-Codes is actually short for "Disruptor Codes", which are frequencies of sound and light that re-open our dimensional channels and activate our multi-dimensional body. 

In D-Codes: You Can Heal Yourself, you'll build the foundations that take you on a sacred journey using the dimensional planes to your advantage to restore harmony in your body. We'll focus on the 5 Core Wounds that humans carry and learn to apply the D-Codes tools to clean up these issues in your energy field, Akashic realms, physical body, and your mental-emotional fields.

I'll teach you how to become the algorithm interrupt in your own life so that you can end the cycles, habits, addictions, patterns or trauma loops that are holding you back from your most radiant life. 

By staying focused, accountable and all-in on your healing, you'll find new levels of health and freedom that you didn't even know were possible - in a ridiculously short amount of time!

Buckle up.

What other past students have said about

D-Codes: You Can Heal Yourself...

Sherri T.

"Just giving a shout out and letting you all know that the D-Codes (Level 1) class is the best class that I have ever taken so far and I have taken thousands… I am a perpetual student of the healing arts. The spins and pings always deliver a new level of amazing authentic accountability and hardcore healing.

Thank you Caitlin Scott, the team and HRA for all that you do!!"

Carmen T.

"Talk about transformation! O M G ! I am not even close to the same person I was 8 months ago and continue to keep moving and clearing. Not only for myself but my kids, family, ancestral line and all of those I am meant to help guide to their own freedom!

Worth every penny."

Joanne N.

"Discovering the D-Codes program was a pivotal moment in my life, because I hadn't seen anything like it and it was exactly what I'd been seeking my entire life - a way to heal myself, my family, & others, & take innerstandings beyond anything previously imaginable.

As I sat through the lessons, it was clear to me that I was exactly where I needed to be - my life suddenly made sense."

I have hundreds of testimonials from students just like these.

Diagnoses reversed.  Relationships rebuilt.

⭐ Dreams realized. ⭐ Lives Changed.

I can't wait to see your transformation story!

This Journey Is For You If You Are... 

✔️ Looking to be a changemaker and a friend… leaning in when you need help, and being a helper when you see someone else who needs support.

✔️ Not afraid to pick up new knowledge and question the old ways when something is no longer a fit.

✔️ Eager to dive into your shadow self. Some elements in this process may feel heavy, but you know that the only way out is through.

✔️ So done with allowing external circumstances to call the shots and ready to be LIMITLESS.

✔️ Tired of sitting silently on the sidelines of your life. It’s time to use your voice to call in the support you need to thrive.

✔️ Committed to completing every single assignment you’re given.

✔️ Ready to go there with your mentor and uncover the long forgotten truths of your soul that have been buried below the trauma and conditioning.

It's not for you if you...

❌ Want to play the lone wolf, maintain your hyper independence and go it alone without showing up in the group or working with your mentor team.

❌ Have an “I already know that” mentality and are unwilling to examine the belief systems you’ve been taught that aren’t getting you results.

❌ Are committed to avoiding the (totally temporary) pain of looking at your unconscious drivers in favor of keeping your unhealthy coping strategies firmly in place.

❌ Are not ready to take responsibility for your life circumstances and drop the victim story that you have no choice and can’t be helped.

❌ Are too afraid to speak up for yourself and communicate your needs to a team who is ready, excited and qualified to help you move forward.

❌ Are looking for a magic pill or someone to do the work for you.

❌ Are unwilling to heal FAST and committed to taking the loooonnng drawn-out road to recovery.

We open the doors to D-Codes once a year! Make sure to get on the list to know when the next intake is!

Yes! D-Codes is for ME!