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The Surprising Reason Your Chakras Are Always Out of Alignment

Aug 09, 2023

One of the biggest themes I see people in the spiritual communities struggling with is the constant fight to balance and align their chakras. 

How many chakra balancing meditations and rituals have you done? 

How many of them actually made you feel better, clearer, more able to take on your day and move on from what's been holding you back?

And how long did that last before you had to go back and repeat it?

What we’ve been taught about the traditional chakra system is oversimplified and outdated information. 

For most people, the balancing act of getting your chakras just *perfectly* aligned is a juggling act that provides temporary relief at best.

Truly, if all we need to do in order to feel better and move forward in our life is to balance or clear our chakras, why isn't it working when we do ALL of the various healing meditations, we cover our chakras in crystals and gemstones, we do the chants and affirmations, and we even run Reiki?


Old paradigm healing modalities do not work on new earth bodies.

Humans require a multidimensional approach to healing that merges science with spirituality.  


 Because you have a 3D human body. In this incarnation, we aren’t simply light bodies floating through time and space. We are made of matter.

We can't leave science out when we're talking energy and spirituality. They are one and the same.

Your physiological body is programmed to read and emit a wide range of sound and light waves across (at least) 12 dimensions of consciousness through a system of dimensional lenses that are found throughout your body, not just in the compartmentalized locations that are taught in the traditional 7 Chakra system.

In this podcast episode, I walk through each of the 12 dimensional lenses to explain what types of information they read and emit, as well as the SURPRISING reasons you sometimes feel “blocked”, stuck or like you can’t access certain data. 

Check out this episode: Chakras Explained: What Nobody's Told You




 So if you’re ready to unlearn what hasn’t been working, here’s a great place to start:

“All of the lies I’ve bought and sold as truth about the chakra system and why I can’t get ahead, I de-story, delete and un-create it all times a godzillion.”