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You've Discovered You're a StarSeed... Now What?!

Aug 11, 2023

You’ve discovered that you might be an Arcturian, Sirian, Pleiadian, Angelic, Orion, or some other kind of galactic being.

That is so exciting!

This can be such a freeing experience of finally feeling like you are meant to be the way you are. And it helps to know that your uniqueness is actually part of a much bigger plan. 

But what do you actually do with that information?!

There's really not a lot of great info out there on how to navigate this new awareness that's not highly distorted. And don’t get me started on the highly controversial (and opinionated!) Facebook groups that tell you that you need to limit yourself to this otherworldly identity. 

So you might be asking: 

Where do we go from here once we've identified we may have come from another planet?

What does being a Starseed actually mean for me? 

And what is my purpose as a Starseed here on Earth at this point in time? 


Let’s get into it:

My ultimate goal is to give you a space where you can start to bridge interactions with these galactic and inter-dimensional beings so you can build authentic and healthy relationships in a way that supports you on your current mission at this time.

Firstly, I want to remind you that you might be more than what you identify as. 

For those of you who have taken the Starseed Quiz and resonate with more than one collective. FYI– If you haven’t checked it out yet, you will definitely want to take it!


What you need to know is that most of us aren’t individual starseed delineated beings, we are multidimensional. 

This means, for example, that you may have a delineation line which goes Dragon, Archangelic, Angelic, Human. You might have gone through all of those tiers, so naturally you may resonate with more than one!

In this podcast episode I share everything you need to know about your next steps once you’ve discovered that you may have come from another planet. Listen to it here:



 If you are having trouble connecting with your galactic counterparts or channeling without distortion, I invite you to look at where you may be playing into death programming (the collective thoughts, beliefs and frequencies around separation, isolation, not enoughness and disempowerment).

Another area you will want to examine is anywhere you are giving your power away or plugging into hierarchy grids (Information grids of superiority vs. inferiority - this can include feeling like some beings are more powerful or omnipotent than you, where you feel less than other spiritual gurus, even in the workplace of being ranked higher or lower than your colleagues and supervisors). 

We need to stay clear of both of these areas if we want to stand on our own two feet and have meaningful (and undistorted!) interactions with our extra-dimensional friends. This can only be done if we allow ourselves to be seen on a soul level without the power dynamics. 

So if you’re ready to take your galactic self discovery to the next level, here is a great universal ask to get you started:

What would it take for me to accelerate and to bring my starseed level of self back within this body so that I can take all the consciousness of everything I've ever been and merge it with my human consciousness?