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How to Begin Healing Your Motherline

akashic records ascension energy pulling healer Aug 03, 2023

The mother wound is something that can affect us deeply for generations.

We all know the feeling of butting heads with our mom, not seeing eye to eye, or even yearning deeply for her approval, only to be criticized or shamed for our choices. From an evolutionary standpoint, being accepted, loved and cared for by a mother is crucial to our survival, so when we do not receive a mothers unconditional love and acceptance, it can harm us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

At the end of the day, a mother’s love is one of the most unconditional sources of nurturing that us mammals can experience on the planet.

The problem arises when we carry, hold and store the same wounding that has been passed down between mother and child for generations.

It can feel like an endless loop where we are playing out the same cycles and patterns with our own mother, which can then affect us socially and emotionally. It can lead to codependency, people pleasing, lack of connection and even difficulty being in flow with both our masculine and feminine energies.

People with a heavy mother wound may carry a strong feeling of rejection or exclusion, as well as a raging inner critic, whose harsh voice shows up during the times we need compassion the most..

It is easy to internalize our mother wound as a perceived flaw or defect of ourselves, when in reality, our mother simply may not have been able to be there in the way we truly needed at the time. 


Signs it may be time to do some motherline healing:


1. You notice yourself repeating the same limiting patterns as your mom

You are here as a cycle breaker. Welcome to one of your first big missions. As someone who is here to transmute the suffering of the women before you and re-write the patterns of your ancestors into a new reality, it is up to you to notice the ways you’ve been copying your moms pains and to clean up your lineage.

2. You have trouble receiving affection from your mom, sisters, or other women

Look, I get it. I’ve never been someone who is a super touchy feely person and that’s okay! What we want to look at is where receiving love, support, compliments or even a friendly hug from other women shuts you down and makes you feel out of place. There may be a story of being unwilling to receive, which would also trickle into the reciprocity of your other relationships and even money flows. 

3. You experience a major trigger with your mom

Triggers are the universe’s best gift in disguise. They sure suck in the moment but they are also one of the fastest ways to reveal where you are holding onto a particular story that needs to be released and cleared.

So, next time you get triggered, I challenge you to get in the observer and make note of the specific thoughts and feelings that are going through you at the time. It’s a great opportunity to take a step back, get in the observer and put on your detective hat if you want to stop being triggered by the same issue. 

The good news: once we’ve cleared the root of it, we no longer will get triggered by the same issue, which also allows us to choose differently next time. 


How to start cleaning up your mother line:

After having facilitated over 4,000 healing sessions for others I know first hand how powerful healing our mother wounds and our motherline can be. Over time, I have simplified my proven process for motherline healing and liberation into a short reconciliation and forgiveness practice that can be done anytime!

 Forgiveness is the secret sauce that truly sets us free.

This does not mean that we have to condone harmful or abusive behavior that has hurt us, or pretend like it never happened. But what forgiveness CAN do is liberate ourselves from carrying the dense, heavy weight of holding onto old resentments to the point of martyrdom. Forgiveness sets us free, even when the other person may not be willing to acknowledge their part in the story.


Here are some easy ways you can start healing your motherline on your own in 5-10 minutes or less:

  1. Notice the pattern, trigger, emotion or story you are bringing forward to be healed today and set the intention that you are going to clear it from your ancestral records.
  2. Take a few deep breaths to get centered in your body and send a call out to your motherline, inviting your mother and your mother’s people to join you for a family line healing (note: this process can also be applied for fatherline healing, just substitute the words as necessary).
  3. Thank them, either in your head or out loud, for being willing to work on the cords + contracts you have together and for stepping forward for this healing.
  4. Imagine your mothers face in front of you, allowing her personality, her masks, her ego and her physical appearance to depixelate until you see just her core light.
  5. Go through the process of forgiveness and reconciliation: “I see you, I accept you, I love you, I forgive you. Please forgive me for all real or perceived hurts, wrongdoings, betrayals and mistakes in this lifetime and all others.”. Continue this process until the resentment has shifted into gratitude for the experience and the lessons.
  6. Imagine yourself crossing through her and your ancestors lined up behind her. While doing this, set the intention to release all judgements, projections, expectations, energies and baggage, while also giving them back what is no longer yours to carry.
  7. Now is the time to communicate anything you’d like to get off your chest. You can ask her higher self to allow this to be integrated in a way that she can best understand.
  8. Fill your energy field with new light! This is the perfect time to infuse any intentions for healing or how you want to show up differently. 
  9. When you’re complete, thank everyone for stepping forward and open your eyes. 


If you’d like a guided healing meditation, I have one of our community FAVES recorded just for you, which will take you through my guided process.

You can use this anytime a new trigger comes up, or as often as you’d like! Check it out on my Youtube Channel, here:  

Healing The Sacred Mother Meditation | LISTEN to THIS to Learn How to Heal Your Family Line


So, I would love to see you reflect on what areas you are ready to work on your motherline healing. What outdated stories, hurts, traumas have been passed down from generation to generation that you’re ready to stop forever?!


This is one of our MOST important missions as starseeds, wayshowers and lightworkers. Once we start healing the family line, we will also make room for more codes and downloads of our next leg in the journey and how we’re here to shape humanity next.


Caitlin Dianna