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The Awakening - Energy Update: March 2020

Feb 27, 2020

As we move towards the Spring Equinox on March 19th, 2020, there is a palpable quickening in the air. Likely, you will experience an upsurge in energy and focus as the month progresses. If you have been experiencing fatigue, felt as if you were in a fog or perhaps in a seasonal depression, that cloak should begin to lift shortly after the Equinox. 

In this energy update, I'll give you some keys to watch for this month, areas of focus and some ideas for play that will be highly supported by the energy happening both on the earth plane and beyond. 

Key Planetary and Moon Events
March 9th - Full Moon - the Earth uses this signal to begin bringing the incubating plant, insect and animal life just beneath the surface, back up into the light. Watch for emotions to get carried away and for filters to be non-existent when it comes to our communication. This is will be a fantastic day to be outside, feeling the hum and vibrations underneath your feet. A fun exercise will be to find a tree you are drawn to and find its pulse on March 6/7th, then test it again on March 9/10th to feel the difference! 

March 10th - Mercury goes direct. Keeping in alignment with our forward movement, you will find it best to clean up any loose ends before Mercury heads direct once more March 10th. You will find yourself opening all sorts of ideas, dreams and plans and perhaps losing focus for a short period during the 10-14th. It's best to do those 'ta-da' lists now! 

March 19th - Spring Equinox/ Ostara  - A predictable pulse will be felt today as we are once again in a complete balance point of day to night. Take a moment to examine the concept of balance in your own life. What needs to shift, be let go of, or brought in to create better flow for you? In our circle, we will be doing an Ostara ritual, a guided meditation and some fun exercises to get ready for a focused, productive and abundant Spring season! In Healers Rising, we will be celebrating right on the Equinox in Circle {join us here} or in person for my local Edmonton & Area circle on March 20th at 6pm {more info here}

March 24th - New Moon - Your thoughts, intentions and actions you seeded on Equinox are ready to have outward actions to begin bringing them to the world! A fantastic day to get those plans rolling out, and from your head onto paper! Collectively, be mindful that your thoughts are your own. We may see a hijacking of this stream to have a fear thread planted in regards to world affairs. Stay in your lane my friend. It is nothing more than a collective lie.

Animal Medicine to Explore: Zebra
Balance ~ Instinct ~ Yin/Yang

Zebra reminds us that our uniqueness should never divide us, but rather support us in finding the common threads. This month is perfectly supportive of you re-uniting or finding your tribe of people that are like-minded in some ways to you! Zebras instincts must be high, as he shares the same watering grounds of his greatest predators. Be mindful of where your energy is being preyed upon by others to assertively, and with grace, remove yourself from situations that are draining to you. 

There is more than one perspective that may be valid in every situation. Using multiple points of view will help you to find the trails that lead in the most direct and supportive directions of your goals. 

Zebra is not a solitary being. Their ability to thrive and survive is due to their herd. While each individual zebra may have its own instincts, they are better together, collectively reading the energy and making informed movements, rather than living in a constant state of fear. Find your people. Get to your local or online circles. Find the common threads, but maintain your uniqueness. We all go farther together.

Crystals you may love to get to know or work with this month...
💎 Celestite
💎 Morganite
💎 Opal

Tapping into the crystal grids and the movements of the Earth, these 3 crystals jumped forward to support us on our journey this month! 

You may love just carry them around. Or you could try holding the stone in your non-writing hand and asking some questions, intuitively writing with the other. You could set up a crystal grid, try meditating with them or seeing how they shift your energy field. They key is - stay out of the trap of googling, "what does this crystal mean". You'll miss their UNIQUE (hey, it is Zebra month!) messages and consciousness that they could share with you! 

My recommendation would be to find an ethical metaphysical shop or a fantastic, eco-conscious Etsy store that carries small quantity specimens and can tell you where the mineral was mined from. Crystals that have been asked to come into our homes are a lot easier to work with than those that are mass mined!

There you have it! See you in the Equinox Circles - and those of you in Healers Rising, keep your eyes peeled for a new meditation coming to an App near you soon! 

xo Caitlin