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Elemental Full Moon Magic

elements full moon sacred ritual Apr 07, 2020

Grounding into Sacred Ritual is a practice that can help us anchor meaning, rhythm, and simplicity into our lives.

Long ago, every turn of the season, change of the skies and hint of the earth shifting was honored with song, ritual, and dance. Altars would be made to show gratitude and reverence for the deities of the Belief system being observed. 

More than that, they were a time for self-reflection and a reminder that we are a body that must stay in flow with the rhythms of this planet if we desire to not only survive but thrive.

In today's practice, we are going to observe what it feels like to create sacred space in our own environment, to ground into our own Being and knowing, and to begin working with the elements around us.

For this Elemental Moon Magic, you will need the following: 

๐Ÿ‚An item to represent the Earth like a stone, color that feels grounding or earthy to you, plant, soil or seeds

๐Ÿ’จAn item representing Air like greys or blues, feathers, birds, smudging smoke or something that inspires creativity

๐Ÿ”ฅAn item to represent Fire like a small candle (be safe!), reds, oranges and yellows, carnelian, red jasper, or lava rock

๐ŸŒŠFinally, an item to represent Water like a small glass or bowl of water (chalice if you have one), blue gemstones, or seashells

Remember, the items listed above are just ideas, you can use what you have. You could simply draw colors on paper to connect to the elements and energy of each, use pieces of cloth or any other idea you have. It's your intent and knowledge that the item you have chosen represents that particular element that matters most. 

Preparing the Space

Find an area in your home that you can create a small circle around you, that you can comfortably sit within. Bring all of your acquired Element representations with you.

You may wish to bring some of your magical items with you, or a journal & pen, coloring tools. This is your time. I'll give you some ideas to make the ritual your own at the end.

Opening the Circle: Calling the Elements

1) Picking up the item to represent Earth, face the North and say, "I call in the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North. I ask Mother Earth, and the Earth keepers to come and hold space with me now as I open this circle." Place your Earth token in the Northern edge of your Circle. 

Take a breath, settling into the sensations that begin to make themselves known within your body.

Extend gratitude.

2) Pick up the item for Air, turn to the East and say, "I call upon the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East. The element of Air and the Air Keepers to come and hold space with me in Circle." Place your item in the Eastern edge of your circle.

You may notice the temperature change, goosebumps or shivers come, or a breeze "out of nowhere". Breathe, and extend gratitude.

3) Taking your item that represents Fire, or by lighting your candle, face South and say, "I call upon the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South. Fire and the FireKeepers, I ask you to join me in circle this evening. 

Soften into the warmth that curls up around you, and the sensations they bring to your physical body. Smile, and extend gratitude.

4) Gathering your Water token, turn to the West and say, "I call upon the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West. Water and the Water keepers, come and join circle tonight." Let the wave wash over you, breathe and extend gratitude.

5) Bring yourself into a comfortable seated position in your circle. Softly close your eyes, allowing your breath to gently find its own rhythm. 

6) What do you notice about your energy? What happened with your body as you called in the elements? How did the room change?

7) Focus on the Earth. You may wish to do some journaling about how you feel about the support and nurturance our amazing planet offers. Is there any wounding coming up that you're ready to release this evening that you can let die?

Allow yourself to bring forward your favorite space in nature. Ask the Earth Keepers if they have any messages they desire to share with you. You may wish to intuitively write, meditate or just softly allow the sensations to come. 

8) Focus on the Air. Where do you feel caught in the storm, too much noise and sound? Ask the Air to help you find stillness. Practice slowing and deepening your breath.

Ask the Air Keepers if they have anything they desire to share with you? What winds of change are you ready to move with? What magic are you willing to find in the inspiration of the air? Spend a bit of time thinking, meditating or journalling with this element.

9) Focus on the Fire. Where are you needing to burn down old ideas, parts of ego or identity, structure or other aspects of your life? As you give yourself permission to acknowledge this release, ask the Fire Keepers to help you burn them down.

Where do you need to fan the flames or add more heat? Where are you burning too strongly and need to turn it down? As you journal here, remember that fire both destroys and recreates. 

10) Focus on Water. Where are you in resistance to the tides? Not going with the flow? What aspects of your life are you fighting with, that need only be moved a little to come back into sync?

Water has many possibilities, stagnant and murky, quick and violent, soft and rhythmical... where are these rhythms happening in your own life. Ask the Water Keepers to help show you the tides within your own body, reminding you how to re-establish flow within yourself.

When your journaling or meditative experience feels complete, extend gratitude once more to all of the Beings that joined you in your practice tonight. I like to close my circle like this:

1) West/ Water: "Thank you for illuminating the tides within my being."
Pour out or bring water back to center.

2) South/ Fire: "Thank you for the reminder that I have the ability to both create, destroy and provide new life to each area of my life." Blow out or snuff the flame.

3)  East/ Air: "Thank you for the inspiration, the shift, and the possibilities." Bring token back to the center.

4) North/ Earth: "Thank you for the unwavering support and nurturing of my Being." Bring token back to the center.

With gentleness, I return each of my items to their spaces until the next turn of the planets, shift of the season or moment where I desire to bring myself back to center in this way.

xo Caitlin