Where the ancient wisdom of Traditional Naturopathy intersects with New Earth Energy Healing.

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The way we approach healing has to change.

When we look to the modernized health care system, or even into the complementary modalities available to us in the industry today, we find a fractured and compartmentalized system that isn't getting people results. 

Almost everyone you talk to has a story about feeling unseen, unheard, and like a number in the western medicine system. A pill pushed for this, a surgery pushed for that, but very little time (if any) spent looking for the root cause that created the issue in the first place. 

The complementary practitioners, like Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, Energy Healers and more are wondering what's missing. Why aren't their clients holding the adjustments or getting the forward momentum they want to be creating for them?

The answer? We are trying to treat a multidimensional body with a unilateral approach. 



My clients weren't healing.

After years in the complementary healthcare industry, learning everything from massage and osteopathy to naturopathy, it didn't matter what I did, I couldn't get my clients to that miraculous "whole and healed state" that every certification had promised I would be able to do. 

The search was on for that missing link because I was determined to figure this out. There had to be a reason why these clients who so desperately wanted to feel better, just weren't getting there. 

Maybe you'll relate to this next part... 

I started taking every energy healing course under the sun to try to uncover the mysteries of the universe and find that missing piece. $18k later in course fees and certifications coming out the wazoo, I was now a Reiki Master, Animal Communicator, Access BARs facilitator, Ordained Priestess, and many more titles... but none the wiser. 

The D-Codes Download

"Connect the dots."

This simple sentence changed everything for me, and it's about to do the same for you. I'll never know whether this was a whisper from my soul, a Spirit Guide or an intuitive nudge received from somewhere out there... but I was given permission to become the "Jack of all trades," instead of the "Master of one."

I had to take elements from everything I had been trained in and weave it together in a specific system to address all layers and levels of each client. I couldn't just provide energy healing or body work, I had to become their complete holistic health guide. Each of the 5 layers of the human system needed to be supported at the same time in order to create changes and lasting results. 

And now, I'm going to teach that system to you so that you can help your clients restore their health, find their zest for life again, and find their freedom. 

The D-Codes has liberated thousands of clients who had tried everything to find answers, relief and an end to their suffering or diagnosis. Everything from allergies, cancer, auto-immune dis-orders, and mental health diagnoses, to infertility, saving marriages and ending chronic cycles of pain have been solved using this system. These were all conditions that people thought they would have to suffer through for the rest of their life. And now, they are happy and free. 

I've taught the D-Codes Healing System to hundreds of Practitioners who are now helping so many people to reclaim their health; more than I could ever do on my own. And now, I'm excited to pass it down to you.

Ignite Your Potential: Unlock a World of Opportunities with the D-Codes Healing System


Embark on a transformative journey that empowers you to elevate your career, enhance your skillset, and create positive change in various industries. The D-Codes Healing System offers a unique approach to energy healing, designed to complement and enrich professions such as healthcare, mental health, spiritual practitioners, and beyond.


I'm Ready to be a Change Maker!

What exactly is D-Codes?

The D-Codes Practitioner training program is a 10-month apprenticeship where you'll create a thriving healing practice that gets your clients true, lasting change by merging quantum energy healing with traditional naturopathy. 

You'll learn integrative techniques that blend science with spirituality to guide your clients to full-body breakthroughs.  

You will also learn how to assess your clients to discover whether the core root of their issue is truly physical and requires adjustments to their health routines or if it originates in the subconscious field and requires energy work. 

Plus, you'll be confidently equipped with the advanced energy healing techniques, naturopathic remedies and principles, and intuitive coaching skills to restore your client's health.

Course Curriculum

The Practitioner Program takes you step-by-step through 8 progressive modules designed to build your confidence, improve your assessment and coaching skills, and build a care plan for each of your clients.

Naturopathy & Earth Medicine

As complementary practitioners, we are able to draw on the medicines provided to us by Mother Earth and harness the healing powers that come with guiding our clients into a life aligned with how nature intended us to live. You'll learn the foundations of naturopathy and how to skillfully guide your clients back to health.

Physical Assessments

The 3D body shows us exactly what is going on inside, by posting it on the outside. You'll learn how to assess, triage and track into what systems need support. Learn the fundamentals of nutrition, hormone balancing, and overall health to effectively identify and address the root causes of your clients' discomfort and promote healing with ease.

Intuitive Life Coaching

You'll learn how to inspire your clients to take their health and wellbeing back into their own hands through our Archetypal Coaching process. You'll be able to move your clients from feeling stuck, blocked or fearful into empowered and motivated action takers!

Quantum Tracking

Learn how to track the unseen disturbances that subconsciously influence your clients. You'll flex your skills in Advanced Akashic Clearing, Walk-in integration or removal, releasing epigenetic imprinting, and more!

Mental Health

The matrix of mental health isn't just a hormone imbalance, a trauma response or a neurological deficit. You'll learn how to unwind the most common mental health disorders and set your clients free using the D-Codes approach to healing. 

Complementary Tools & Modalities

Try on a few different tools that you can add to your practice to help amplify your client's results. You'll learn from our guest instructors specializing in Herbology, Homeopathy, Sound Healing, and more!

Complex Cases

You'll learn the D-Codes processes to unwind and reverse autoimmune disorders, support cancer clients and eliminate allergies. You'll be able to apply the quantum energy healing techniques as well as the supportive naturopathic guidance to give your clients amazing relief and results.

Build Your Business

Becoming a practitioner is more than just getting the training in your desired modality and hoping the universe will deliver clients to your doorstep. We'll guide you in setting up your business foundations, including facilitating website development, implementing booking calendars and client communication systems, and initiating effective marketing strategies to quickly attract a clientele.



The Inclusive Apprenticeship Model

 My team and I believe that the best way to help you kick imposter syndrome or low-confidence to the curb is by immersing you in hands-on practice with mentorship, guidance, observation, and a wide variety of ways to apply your skills.

When you train as a practitioner with us, you get: 

To See Real Healing Sessions In Action

Join me behind the scenes in my healing sessions! You'll get the opportunity to observe how the skills weave together, how to coach different client archetypes, ways to support different health issues, and how to provide holistic health care plans. 

Real-Time Practice With Mentor-Led Guidance

Take your newly acquired knowledge and skills to training circles, where you'll have the opportunity to practice with your peers and have one of our experienced mentors to help you along the way!

In Person Hands-on Training

Hands-on practice is the fastest way to build your confidence and weave all of the tools together to create transformative sessions for clients. You'll join us for a 4-Day in-person workshop where you'll attune to the D-Codes runs, assess clients, and have real time support from the mentor team. 



How does the course work?


1. On your course start date, your new online learning portal will open with your first lessons. Inside this portal you'll find all of the live training calls, mentorship circles, and behind-the-scenes session signup links.


2. You'll gain access to a class forum where you'll be able to interact with myself, your mentor team, and your peers.


3. A weekly conversation starter will be posted where you'll be asked to share your opinion, research or anecdotal experiences on the given subject. 


4. Case Studies for your practicum are assigned regularly throughout the program to help you practice the skills you've learned and gain valuable feedback from us. 


5. The in-person workshop will run from 9am to 6pm for 4 consecutive days in spring 2024. You'll learn the hands-on training components, complete the in-person practicum, and have a ton of fun!


6. After your final module, you'll submit your last case studies. We mark the final submissions, provide you feedback and if you've achieved the certification threshold, we will send you your certificate and an invite to our Advanced Practitioner Mastermind. 


What's the investment?



D-Codes is a one-year program. Students are expected to participate in training & practice pods, attend 2-4 observation sessions per month, and keep current with their weekly lesson releases. On average, students should expect to allocate 90-240 minutes per week to studies, assignments, and online training opportunities. And the workshop is 4 full days in Edmonton area, Alberta, Canada. 


Students will participate in conversations in the class forum that support the application of the lessons, weekly. Assessments and Case Studies for the practicum will be assigned with each module, where you will practice new skills with your peers and volunteers.


The course fee is $7396 CAD.

Monthly instalment plans or Pay in Full options are available for our students. Your investment covers the full course curriculum, your mentorship training, observation pods, in-person workshop, accommodations at the workshop, and a D-Codes toolkit.

I'm Ready! Sign Me Up!

Tracy Mask

"When I first started studying D-Codes I had never learned any healing modalities, and I didn’t see myself as a healer. I just knew there was something there for me to explore and “no” was not an option.

Throughout the courses I have learned how to heal myself and others. My life and the way I feel about what I have to offer have completely changed. I have a whole new perspective on what is possible, in fact my perspective has been upgraded dozens of times!!

Thank you Caitlin and your amazing team for creating a space where we can learn incredible things, while being completely supported, and come out on the other side with the skills and vision to create the life of our dreams!!"

Stephanie Harris

"Learning DCodes has been a transformative experience for me. As someone who has always been interested in energy healing and alternative modalities, I was immediately drawn to DCodes as a way to deepen my understanding and expand my skill set.

Throughout the course, I was amazed at how powerful and effective the techniques were in helping me access and work with subtle energies in the body. The approach was holistic and intuitive, and I felt a deeper connection to my own energy and the energy of others.

Not only did I gain new knowledge and tools, but I also felt a sense of community and support from the instructors and fellow students. The course was well-structured and provided ample opportunity for hands-on practice and feedback. 

After D1 I integrated DCodes into my personal and professional healing practice, and I have seen incredible results in myself and my clients. I can't wait to witness the change in clients after completing D2. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow through DCodes, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is passionate about energy healing and looking to expand their skills and knowledge. Thank you Caitlin for this transformative and life changing course and her mentor team for helping hold the students growth through each step."

Laura Cote

"The journey through D-Codes Level 1 and 2 has allowed me to become the version of me I know I am here to be. With a no nonsense teaching style, Caitlin and her team delivered the curriculum in a comprehensive and supportive way, with a set up for success every step of the way.

I experienced the soul level growth and acceleration I was seeking to go out and be a healer in the world and I highly recommend D-Codes to anyone searching for their soul mission."

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Chart Your Own Path:

The Possibilities Awaiting with D-Codes



A new career or expand your existing practice with in-demand energy healing techniques.


Versatile skills that synergize with diverse professions, driving transformation within your field.


With like-minded professionals, opening new doors for collaboration and growth.


To a holistic shift in focus from symptom management to true healing and empowerment, impacting clients' lives.


An invaluable resource for those seeking answers, relief, and an end to their suffering, addressing the root cause of their issues.


Thrive and achieve financial freedom, like many practitioners who earn over six figures annually.


No matter your background, the D-Codes Healing System can ignite your potential and unlock a world of possibilities. Join us on this transformative journey and discover how you can revolutionize your career, broaden your horizons, and change the world from the inside out.

Rochelle Lawrence

" When i signed up for the D-Codes 1 program, i was ready to do some personal healing and maybe help some people along the way. Kind of like an add on to my current practice. As i got through it and realized how well the body responded to what i was learning, it was a no brainer to move on to the next level. What i wasn’t expecting was the amount and acceleration of growth in level 2.

The past 8 months pushed me as a healer and i was unprepared for what happened next at our workshop. I never expected to change to happen, so much so that who i saw in the mirror was not the one who started this journey but this beautiful human who was here to ripple this beautiful modality and herself into the world. Thank you Caitlin for this amazing program, you forged the path for the new beautiful generation of healers, and I truly am extremely grateful. "

Kelly Berg

" D-Codes….this came into my awareness a couple years ago at a time when I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular.  I’d seen a lot of “starseed” talk in social media and then my cousin told me about this “starseed accelerator”.  I was intrigued and signed up! 

Fast forward 2 years and I’ve now completed Dcodes level 1 and 2 and am so excited to be moving forward to help clients find relief.  This course is so comprehensive and supportive that even though I have ZERO body work background, I feel fully equipped to walk clients through whatever they are feeling in their bodies.  The unique way this course weaves learning the body work and building the business side is incredible and has left me feeling empowered to move forward and create a thriving business.

 Whether you are looking to add another tool to your kit to help clients or just wanting to learn for yourself…this course is amazing and will transform you in ways you’d never expect. "

Madi Kinley

“ My entire life I knew that I wanted to be a healer but had never found a modality that truly spoke to me. That was until I found Caitlin and D-codes, and this marked a massive shift in my life.

I was able to witness first hand the powerful benefits of putting the tools into practice. Through this process I was able to free myself from a 10 year addiction, that before hand I was never able to see an end to. 

Seeing how the tools were creating these massive shifts in myself, inspired me to take action, and to finally decide to step up and become the healer I’m here to be.

If we decide to remain in comfort, we never really change. So if you get that yes, move into the unknown, the uncomfortable, and ya it can be scary, but know that in the end of this process, you won’t regret it. “