Acceleration Sessions with Caitlin

Ready to make a quantum leap with your healing or awakening? I am taking a limited number of 1-on-1 clients for healing & acceleration sessions.

Acceleration Sessions with Caitlin

Ready to make a quantum leap with your healing or awakening? I am taking a limited number of 1-on-1 clients for healing & acceleration sessions.

 Humans are evolving, which means the way we heal is, too.

Your healing journey must be considered a multi-dimensional and multi-layered experience. Because it is.

The body has a beautiful way of weaving together information through all 5 of the energy bodies: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and the supramental. All 5 must be addressed and supported in every single session in order for change to last.

This is what sets The D-Codes and sessions with me apart from everything else out there.

We are truly looking at the whole terrain.

Maybe a mental or physical health condition needs to be shown the door and your medical team is not giving you what you feel you require to heal.

Or, perhaps you have decided enough is enough and it's truly time to figure out what it is you need to do to find the changes you're craving in life.

Or, maybe you are an awakening Intuitive or Starseed needing a hand to accelerate and figure out who you are, and what your mission is at this time.

Whatever brought you here, your story, healing, and your mental and physical freedom are my obsession.

I take a wholistic approach to quantum energy healing that includes how you feel, how you see the world and circumstances around you, what your body is expressing, and of course reading the energetics "behind the scenes" to have the complete picture of what you're walking through. This allows us to create a complete plan together to help you meet your goals, support your healing process, and correct your dis-ease, for good.

How Does A Session Work?

All sessions begin with a conversation to help me understand where you're at, and where you're hoping to go. As you begin to share your story, I begin to get the bigger picture of what is happening in your emotional, physical and mental bodies.  

Your body shows me what it requires to happen, and in what order it needs to unfold to restore balance and support your healing.

I weave in any and all of the tools I've got, like the D-Codes, Akashic Records, Mediumship, Intuitive Coaching & more to make sure no matter what you're going through, we use the appropriate tool for the job!

You're an active participant in your healing. Over the course of our 45 minutes together, we will cover as much as we possibly can, and I'll provide you with a follow-up care plan to make sure the shifts we create, last.

"Caitlin's method of healing is very unique. She will hold space, guide and help you so you can see where and how you need to heal. I have taken a few of her classes and love her no bull crap way of guiding you to a place to see your own crap and give you the tools to move through to get rid of it!

I love her out-of-the-box thinking, it totally resonates with me! I also had the opportunity to attend one of her retreats and highly recommend that if you get the chance, go!"
~ Samantha G.

Two Ways You Can Work With Me...

Case Study & Training Sessions

1-on-1 sessions are not available in their traditional format. However, I am accepting a limited number of clients willing to have their session audited by my D-Codes Level 2 students. I'm still running your full session and care plan, and you will have a limited number of D-Codes students present who will do a debrief for training purposes afterwards. If you're ready to heal, and you're open to helping the next wave of healers see how they can be better at their craft, book your single session spot now.

Coached by Caitlin

Deep dive into your growth & acceleration! You're jumping into six 1-on-1 sessions with me to receive healing, mentorship & guidance, plus personalized support & messenger access for the duration of your Coaching block! If you're serious about shifting, healing, changing your health or growing your business--and you know you're ready to put in the work to get where you need to be, Coached by Caitlin (<-- that's me!) might be the perfect fit! You'll find more information at the bottom of this page!

Coached By Caitlin

Accountability. Consistency. Results.

For the first time ever, I am taking a small number of 1-on-1 coaching clients who are ready to completely step into who they came here to be. No more stories, no more hiding, no more excuses.

You've got work to do and a mission to complete. What if you could have the results you've been looking for, way faster than you thought was possible?

Healing doesn't have to take a long time.

Having a coach & mentor by your side that can see who you are and understands where you are going, might just be your secret weapon. 

We'll custom design your plan to fit your goals: health, relationship or business. 

What you're getting:

  • a block of six 1-on-1 coaching sessions (45 minutes)
  • personalized care & support plans
  • text & voice memo support between sessions
  • customizable coaching plan: weekly, bi-weekly or twice monthly sessions

Spaces are extremely limited and will not be offered year round. If the sign up buttons are visible, you can grab your spot below!

What happens after you sign up?

Once you've grabbed your spot, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know your booking was successful with a link to book your first session with me, where we'll work together to design your plan. You'll get to work straight away! 

Case Study & Training Sessions

Book Your Session

All booked 1-on-1 sessions using this calendar will be considered a Case Study & Training Session for our D-Codes Level 2 students. By signing up for a session, you understand that there will be students watching your session and completing a debrief with Caitlin afterwards.

The Fine Print

Sessions with me are 45 minutes in length and take place over the Zoom app. In-person sessions are not available at this time. 
If you need to reschedule, the instructions will be in your confirmation email. Any questions can be sent into our team at [email protected]

How You Can Prepare

If you have specific questions or situations you want to ask me about, write down your list and bring it to our session. Otherwise, allowing yourself an open mind & heart, and giving yourself permission to see your radiance are all advised!


Kiki M.

"I am in total awe and bliss from my session with Caitlin today , what a pure and powerful channel and being you are Caitlin. I am still vibrating and shaking with the high frequencies you helped me to open up to and access, I was so ready. All that came through was beyond my wildest dreams that I have always held but almost didn't dare trust they were real... feeling the magic, so blessed and grateful."

Cielo Lynn

"All I can say ladies and gents is wow. What amazing insight and clarity and REAL power. You just have to experience a session to really get it, and you know what Caitlin is so powerful that even though it was online, it felt like we were sitting in the SAME room together. Listen, I have studied shamanic practices, constellating, and am a healer and psychic as well, and YET I needed HELP and support and well Caitlin is able to give that and is incredibly CLEAR as a vessel of spirit and healing. 24 hours I can say that I feel different. Even my partner said wow you feel so different today, I wonder what it is, and then I told him about Caitlin's and my session and he was like OOHHHHHH well it really worked. Anyhow set up a session soon, this WOMAN is the REAL deal."

Crystal W.

"Caitlin is probably one of the most loving and supportive souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The knowledge and guidance that she shows and has, is truly amazing. Always above and beyond. And astoundingly accurate every single time. Her compassion and drive for helping others is a true gift."