Creating Magic With Money

...because life shouldn't be dictated by lack

Your bank accounts shouldn't be calling the shots.

You're doing the whole manifesting thing, the positive affirmations, trying to stay in absolute alignment and yet your money doesn't match the vibes you're putting out.

Money is just energy, so why do so many people have issues with it?

It's possible that you're missing part of the fundamental formula that lines up everything up to bring that flow.

It's time to rewrite your relationship with money.

This course is coming out of the vault. I've already helped hundreds of humans completely change their lives by embodying the 4 principles I'm going to teach you. From little surprise wins, to million dollar businesses, we've seen some huge shifts occur: as if by magic.

You're going to unlock 4 core modules...

Money Mindsets

Let's blow up all of those false realities, the identities we've built, labels we've worn and conditioning we've acquired to start our new relationship with money out on the right foot.

Debt Isn't Dirty

Your debt means nothing about you (unless you've let it define you) and is easy to clear once you know how to flip the script and look at it for what it is! Let's unlock your ability to live, debt free!

Money Come Play With Me

Become abundance! Being in love with money means being in flow with energy. We're going to learn how to adjust our energy field to the flow state where money loves to play! 

Up Your Manifesting Mojo

Learn how to manifest like a boss by truly aligning from your core with your asks. We aren't moving forward from our memories or conditioning now, we're following inspiration and flow!

Here's what you're going to learn...

  • How to step out of the conditioning, trauma and stories that you have been operating in your field about money, receiving & giving
  • Tools to quickly change your patterning, eliminate your debt and lift you out of the poverty mind traps
  • How to change your frequency to abundance and flow, instead of repellent and slow
  • How to actually ask for money and work with your bank account to create more, on auto-pilot
  • What to do when your spouse isn't on board with all your "woo"

How does the course work?

  • After you register, you'll get instant access to the course and all materials inside your online library
  • There are 4 core lessons each with downloads & tools to boost your success
  • 2 BONUS recordings of live discussions I've facilitated with some absolute GOLD to help you unlock even deeper levels of your energetic flow state
  • One-time payment of $97. Seriously, that's it.

    You can take the course at your own pace. I highly recommend leaving 1 to 2 weeks in between each lesson to truly dive into the exercises and soul work for the week for best results. 
Creating Magic With Money

$97.00 CAD
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Erica B.

"You guys this money magic stuff is blowing my mind!! The whole month I've had random $100 here, $75 there just show up (like probably equaling $600 or more).

Thennnn I just looked in my bank account and a completely unexpected $1800 is in there as if by magic!! I'm like screaming and jumping up and down and thanking the universe!"

Allison T.

"Money Magic!! I asked for my overdraft to be at $0 by the end of January - it happened!! I even had extra!!! I've had this overdraft for my account 17+ years and it has been maxed out since day 1! Universe, let's double that as if by magic!!"

Samantha R.

"I'm working my way through it right now and I legit love it! I've seen a few money courses and this course is such a different take on "money" and really drives home the understanding of the energy behind money. I love that Caitlin puts her personal story into it and makes you feel connected rather than some impersonal courses I've seen. I'm not done but it's really good!"

Jenna D.

"Ok. Hold the phone for a moment!! I did my first creating with money magic intention. GUYS!
Last night I put forth the intention to have $250 by the end of the month. This morning, I woke up to an email of a refunded $200 into my account that was unexpected, THEN I got a call for an emergency Reiki session (cue +$50) AND! I had 2 extra people sign up for my online yoga class this evening!!
I'm freaking flooorrrrrreeeeeddddd And so grateful!