"There is a palpable power that grows when like-minded Beings gather. The presence of triggers, mirrors and parallels create a rapid acceleration of the healing we are all capable of."
~ Caitlin Dianna

Is this community right for you?

Are you a seeker who is tired of the mainstream fluff being fed to the metaphysical community? Have you felt confused about what tools, paths or beliefs ACTUALLY lead you to enlightenment? I hear it time and time again, in fact, experienced this issue for years, myself! This is why I've created The Magic & Momentum Community to bring clarity, invoke curiosity and provide a safe space where all can explore the truths of energy & the Universe.

Are you ready to accelerate your

Magic & Momentum?


A Monthly Gathering

You will be joining me as we open up to channel with the Collectives who wish to share their messages each month. In our virtual circle, a new topic will be presented each month for exploration AND get your burning questions answered in our live Q & A period.


New Tools 

You'll be receiving 2 new tools or exercises each month that will help ground the ideas we explore in the class. Designed to help you go deeper with the work, these strategies will have you accelerating your intuition in no time!


A New Guided Meditation or Journey

Your library of options will continue to expand with meditations or journeys that any experience level can enjoy and follow along to! A new recorded meditation or guided journey will be dropped into your online membership portal every month for you to enjoy!



Your growth is my priority. This peer led, sacred space will be for you to ask questions about the material, explore new realms and let your intuition guide you for the next levels of truth. 

"Caitlin's page found me. She is so clear and honest about what she feels and what energy is telling her about you. She doesn't fluff it up but she is definitely a positive and supportive force. Being near her energy makes yours perk up and want to 'play in the sandbox'. Very clear communicator and objective listener. she helps you understand parts of yourself you didn't know were there. Caitlin rocks my socks!"

Krystal V.

"Caitlin invited me to question all my long-held beliefs and never once asked me to follow her. She provided a safe and fun space for my own intuitive growth. I am using skills and abilities now I never even knew I had, and my life has changed drastically for the better. With her support and the support of my new friends I've been able to clear a ton of emotional and energetic wounding, no longer have PTSD and was able to quit smoking effortlessly!"

Violet P.

Benefits of Membership

more than a subscription service

  • You'll be supported by some of my favourite humans so your questions never go unanswered
  • Surround yourself with people all working towards a similar goal of raising their vibe, looking to make their impact and grow their gifts
  • Receive the guidance and tools that the top channellers & healers use daily in their practices
  • Direct access to me in our monthly virtual classroom and the ability to have priority status for your pressing questions
  • Your own library for all materials, downloads & replays in an easy to search format
  • 10% off any course, class or retreat hosted by Magic Beyond Boundaries Inc.

Two Ways to Play

Whether you choose monthly or the yearly subscription, you'll be getting all the content you love and the exact same features. Click on the images below to register!

A Note From Caitlin...

I have been searching for some time for the answer that allows me to serve you at any stage of the journey - whether you are brand new, looking to expand your gifts or desiring to stay connected and not lose your momentum.

I've heard from so many of you that the big mentorships & classes are often out of reach and that's exactly why I've created the Magic & Momentum Community.

I am so excited to be bridging the gap for all of you looking for that direction & inspiration in an affordable, easy to digest and always evolving community format.

See you on the inside!
XO Caitlin