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It's time for a session if...

It's time for a session if...
  • You've been experiencing health concerns you can't seem to shift, even with modern medical help.
  • Your mental health isn't doing so hot; anxiety, stress, and/or depression are all signs we need an energetic intervention.
  • Relationships are repeating the same patterns, or creating self-fulfilling prophecies again and again.
  • Shifting gears out of a particular habit or belief that has been keeping you stuck seems impossible.
  • You just can't get ahead, no matter what you do; money, career, that next big thing seems so damn elusive!
  • You think you might be going through a spiritual awakening or bringing on a new capacity and need some help.
  • Or, strange things are happening around you and you need some reassurance, tools and a plan to figure out how to thrive as an Intuitive.

You may have found yourself here because you have a medical diagnosis that a doctor has told you is a lifetime sentence. Or perhaps the news of a terminal illness has renewed your desire to figure out how to reverse the disease within your body.

Maybe a mental health condition needs to be shown the door and your medical team is not giving you what you feel you require to heal.

Or perhaps you have decided enough is enough and it's truly time to figure out what it is you need to do to find the changes you're craving in life.

Or, maybe you are an awakening Starseed needing a hand to accelerate and figure out who you are, and what your mission is at this time.

Whatever brought you here, your story, healing, mental and physical freedom are my obsession.

How this works


Book your session by clicking below and completing the payment. You'll be directed to my calendar where you can choose from the available day or evening sessions.


We'll connect via Zoom online where we will chat about what's been going on for you. I'll dial into your body, energy field, Akashic and Galactic Records to figure out what's really going on.


I'll guide you through the healing process as we begin running the D-codes and clearing out any cords, contracts, Akashic loops, walk-ins, entities or anything else that may be hanging out in your field.

Caitlin's Schedule is currently full for 2020. check out our amazing team below for sessions.

Samantha Ross, Faith Cisakowski & Kelly Voorhees are Certified D-Code Practitioners and Mentors in our D-Codes program! They are also taking clients at this time.

All of these women are phenomenal at what they do and will be able to help you if you need a more immediate session booking or have a tight budget and require help at a lower rate.

What People are saying

Caitlin is amazing in so many ways. Her gift with words makes her an extraordinary teacher. Her invitation to work along side her makes her an amazing friend. She sees you and all that you are and calls your true soul forward. She is authentic and compassionate. With her great sense of humor and realism she creates such an inviting space where you can be the real you.

- Nicole B.

I wish to share a monumental breakthrough I experienced after having a personal healing session with Caitlin.

In partnership with my Arcturian guides, Caitlin helped me get back my FREEDOM. For the past 10 years, I was unable to drive on freeways and over bridges because it would activate debilitating panic attacks and fear. I was completely cut off from being able to travel in this way. This created a deep sadness in my life because I used to LOVE to drive EVERYWHERE no matter the time, the weather, or the distance. Caitlin was able to identify the root of my trauma - a draconian implant on my brain stem that was placed there 10 years ago. This implant was triggering my fear response and feeding me trauma memories that were not mine. We walked through the removal process together and it was an out of this world experience. After the session, I took a drive and felt no anxiety. The next day and the following day, I DROVE ON THE FREEWAY!!!! It felt like coming home. It felt so good. I DROVE on the freeway! I even stuck my hand out the window and yelled ' woohooooo!' because I was having such a great time doing it. I will surely continue to drive on the freeway and really look forward to being able to take my family on long overdue road trips.

- M. B.

Caitlin's method of healing is very unique. She will hold space, guide and help you so you can see where and how you need to heal. I have taken a few of her classes and love her no bull crap way of guiding you to a place to see your own crap and give you the tools to move through of get rid of it! I love her out of the box thinking, it totally resonates with me! I also had the opportunity to attend one of her retreats and highly recommend that if you get the chance, go!

- Samantha G.

All I can say ladies and gents is wow. What amazing insight and clarity and REAL power. You just have to experience a session to really get it, and you know what Caitlin is so powerful that even though it was online, it felt like we were sitting in the SAME room together. Listen, I have studied shamanic practices, constellating, and am a healer and psychic as well, and YET I needed HELP and support and well Caitlin is able to give that and is incredibly CLEAR as a vessel of spirit and healing. 24 hours I can say that I feel different. Even my partner said wow you feel so different today, I wonder what it is, and then I told him about Caitlin's and my session and he was like OOHHHHHH well it really worked. Anyhow set up a session soon, this WOMAN is the REAL deal.

- Cielo Lynn

I am in total awe and bliss from my session with Caitlin today , what a pure and powerful channel and being you are Caitlin. I am still vibrating and shaking with the high frequencies you helped me to open up to and access, I was so ready. All that came through was beyond my wildest dreams that I have always held but almost didn't dare trust they were real... feeling the magic, so blessed and grateful 🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈

- Kiki M.