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revolutionizing the way we wake up to our magic

Once upon a time, we lived in a world where our magic was mainstream. The ones who came before, mentoring and activating the apprentice. Commitment to the journey and perfection were poured in to master the techniques under careful tutelage. 

Moving into today's world, we are faced with a pandemic of instant gratification and lack lustre results. We have forgotten the art of practice and the beauty that unfolds with the time poured into the journey.

What if you were able to have the best of both worlds? The lessons, the depth and the mentorship, blended with the ease, speed and efficiency that connecting online allows.

Welcome to the Wayshowers Journey Level 1! You are invited to dive into the world of intuition; full of magic, wonder and mystery! Our 12 weeks of classes, combined with an in-person retreat (if you can make it!) will allow you to accelerate your abilities in a way you didn't even know existed! 

What is Intuition? 

What is intuition? How do we tell what is true, and what isn't? We're going to explore how your body works as a radar, how we receive information and the best ways to interpret and work with the information you're getting!

We live in a world where information is at our finger tips, where google and YouTube guide our movements, rather than being in tune with the environment around us. 

By reactivating your intuition, you're being the bridge between instant gratification and always knowing what is the right move for you! Sync up with the natural harmonics of the Universe to elevate your health, abundance and satisfaction.

Magic Tools: learn how to get clear, effective and actionable answers using oracle cards, tarot & pendulums!

Ignite your curiosity. Learning how to ask the right questions to get the clear answers you desire helps to open up the doorways you've been looking for! In the same manner a violinist needs her bow, we too have tools that open up the gateways of insight we desire.
The tools are never the crutch, but rather the bridge that allows our inquisitive mind to wonder.

Essentials of Energy Work: Universal energy is available for all of us to work with! Learn how to begin healing yourself and your environment with these basics. BONUS - take Reiki Level 1 with our Master Teacher Lynn Hango for free with your enrolment into Wayshowers 1!

Clear the fog from your senses by opening up to the possibilities of what energy healing can do for your body, health and mind! Energy healing gives us the tools to be able to work on any block, emotion or pain we have within our energy field.
Say goodbye to feeling stuck, exhausted and like you just can't get on the same page as your body!
Energy work gives us the tools to fall in love with the rhythms of our system and nurture the whole self.

Gemstones & Crystals: Pretty to look at, lovely to hold, uncover their secrets and... you'll have yourself a powerful ally for healing, manifesting and working with energy! We'll show you how to connect with the crystals to amplify their energy and create the effects you desire!

Remember what it feels like to fall in love with the natural environment and the gifts it has to share with you. You will learn how to connect to the earth elements and respectfully work with their energy fields to help your own! Gemstones and Crystals each have their own nature and energy field that can amplify or lend wisdom to our own. You'll love basking in the glow of a sweet citrine, or the grounded nature of a labradorite stone.

Course Details

Find out how our 12 week journey will unfold below.

  • We're gathering weekly on Thursdays @ 6pm mst (don't worry, the lessons are recorded if you have to miss a class - you can catch up) Each week, you'll gain new tools, learn new exercises and be able to deepen your understanding of the metaphysical world!
  • You're invited to Open Office! Twice a week, Caitlin's in the office ready to answer your questions, help with your healing pieces and give you personalized guidance to help you implement the tools. Never feel stuck again!
  • Book your 1 on 1 personal session with Caitlin Dianna. You'll have a chance to do a deep dive on your healing work in a 60 minute private session.
  • Receive an energy tune up with Reiki Master Lynn Hango. You'll feel deep waves of relaxation and release as Lynn works her magic in your personally tailored session.
  • Unbox your surprise box! Nothing is more fun than receiving presents in the mail! This box will be one to remember! PLUS all the tools you require for class are arriving with this kit. How does it get any better?!

Your questions, answered.

  • Do I need to be at a certain level or have any intuitive ... anything... before I start this course?
    Nope, nada, none! We are starting right at the beginning. Even if you think you weren't that intuitive, I bet by the end of the first class, you'll realize just how in tune you actually are!
  • What is the time commitment?
    Just once per week - approximately 90 minutes. You can decide how much extra practice and exploration time you want to do!
  • What are the start and end dates?
    We begin on Thursday September 12 and wrap up after the Banff Retreat on December 4th.
  • Should I attend the Retreat? 
    Well, let's put it this way. Every single one of my students who has attended an in person retreat have picked up the tools faster, with more confidence and finesse. They also have made some of their best friends; lifelong connections that feel as old as time and like a breath of fresh air.
  • What is the cost? Are there payment plans?
    The total cost for WayShowers Level 1 is $1495 cad. You have four options to consider for payment:
    - Pay in Full
    - 4 payment plan of  $373.75
    - Or, bundle the  Banff Retreat & Wayshowers for a total of  $2792 (you save $300)
    - 4 payment plan with the Banff Retreat of $698.00
  • Will I earn any certifications with this program?
    Yes! By enrolling in Wayshowers Level 1, you are receiving the Bonus course of Reiki 1 with Lynn Hango PLUS by attending the Banff Retreat, you will also obtain your Access BARs Practitioner Certification - Over $650 value if taken separately!
  • Will I be able to start reading or offering healing for friends or family? 
    Yes! You'll be able to start doing card readings, energy healings & relaying some intuitive information if you wish. You may even start to be paid for your services if you desire. You will even be able to start working with animals!
  • Who is the Instructor?
    Caitlin Dianna teaches the core of all of her classes. She will be leading all of the lessons and answering questions in our Facebook student support group. We will also have two additional supports, Lynn Hango and Violet Pilkey to make sure your questions never go unanswered!

"I love Caitlin's energy and classes! My motive when I signed up for her classes was to learn how I could help my children. I grew more than I ever thought I could. She taught me the tools I needed to tap into what I already had. She is very talented in what she does, she has great energy, her classes are even more than I even imagined and the amount of knowledge I have gained from Caitlin, and still am learning, is priceless. I would, and have, recommend her to anyone. Thank-you Caitlin."

Barb W.
British Columbia, Canada

"Magical. Caitlin Dianna has completely changed my life over the last year. Every day, I have shifts in my awareness and beliefs. I have gained knowledge and incredible tools to help myself (and to help others) throughout this lifetime, and to heal from past lifetimes. I may not yet be where I would like to be, but my journey is all my own, and I have been supplied with all the tools I need to excel and expand. Caitlin has this wonderful way of asking the perfect questions, and giving you the stern push you need, while holding a comfortable safe space to figure it out on your own. My mind is blown by her capacities and genuinity, and I'm constantly amazed by her abilities, not only with honing her own gifts, but by helping others to explore and expand their own capacities. I consider Caitlin to be a huge blessing, and an enormous contribution to my life and expansion. Thank you"

Brandi O.
California, US

"Caitlin has this amazing ability to help you trust yourself. She fosters a very safe environment for exploring your intuition and innate abilities and helps you explore tools that resonate with that innate ability. She pushes you but does so in an encouraging way and she accepts you for where you are in your journey with zero judgement about your story/ies. She seems to know when you need to hear things and when you need to figure things out for yourself, when to push and when to back off and wait for your questions.  I remember one of the coolest things I did very early on with Caitlin, was making energy "bubbles" in our hands, implanting an image in the energy ball and then handing it to our partner (or getting one from our partner!) and then "reading" what image was placed there. I was absolutely blown away when I when I got it, or very close to it both times! It wasn't a coincidence. I was hooked and wanted to keep learning more. Caitlin calmly and persistently showed me we all have these innate abilities but it's a skill or a 'muscle' that is so rarely exercised.  She has taught me to trust my intuition, to question my thoughts and emotions, to be so much more observant about myself, the people in my life and my animals. It's been a cool journey so far and I am so curious to see where it takes me!"

Alberta, Canada

"Caitlin doesn't just heal or fix you, she gives you the tools you need to become your own healer, your own best version of yourself. She holds space for you to see your own truth and for you to grow and expand beyond anything you ever thought possible. And she's totally relatable and down-to-earth! There are no gimmick or tricks or hidden agendas with Caitlin. Take one of her classes or mentorships and you will NEVER look at life the same way again. My mind has been blown so many times and each time, it only gets better. 
If you've ever wondered or pondered or imagined what else is "out there", I urge you to cast aside your doubts and blocks and take the plunge. Book a personal session or class with Caitlin today, you will not be disappointed. I am beyond grateful that I took that first, life-changing step when I did and I look forward to seeing what comes next."

Krystee S.
New York, USA

"My experience with Caitlin has been amazing to say the least. In just a short time she has dramatically changed my life for the better. My attitude about life’s challenges is a complete shift. I now look at each thing happening in my life as a stepping stone to the life I am meant to live. She is a teacher with extreme knowledge, and intuitive abilities, using them as guidance to gently push you through each stage, that will help you grow into the best version of yourself. On bad days (yes these can still happen) I now have tools she has taught me to use, to search for awareness of where these feelings are coming from, and what lessons I am supposed to learn here. Caitlin, has taught me how to use my intuition to ask the questions, and know and trust in the truth. Each day I start with gratitude, and a message to my guides, “now what, what will I learn today?"

Deb P.

"Caitlin has been a positive aspect of my life. She has helped me bring life into a new perspective. She challenges me to be present and active along my journey. Her words and use of tools create moments of clarity and help to bring about needed change. I look forward to our time together. It’s exciting, fun and scary not knowing what’s going to come up, but I always feel confident and realigned after sharing time with her."

Alyssa C.
Alberta, Canada

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