It's like summer camp... with snow... and magic!

Ghost stories, new friends, lavish food, random break-outs into song, adventures, trying new things and the memories we keep for a life time are what our retreats are made of! Except, we do it 4-star style because #creaturecomforts are of prime importance in adulthood!

If you're thinking of coming to Magic in the Mountains 2022, you're probably like most of the 'grown-ups' I know who have forgotten how to truly let go and let our senses come alive to play! Daily routines and responsibilities have replaced imagination and flow, expectations have eroded our dreams, and little time is left for ourselves at the end of the day. 

When we're trying to activate our intuition and lean into that magical life, that ho-hum monotony of the everyday doesn't work. We need inspiration, deep conversations, friends who are on the same path and ways to break out of the norm so that we can see how our body truly wants to come alive. The easiest way to do that?

Un-plug with other magical AF folks for a weekend in a stunning vortex that will awaken every fibre of your being. 

You'll leave changed. We promise. 


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The New Earth timeline, in real time.

"Stepping fully into circle with Caitlin, Violet and the mentors felt like home in a new way and I'm so flipping grateful! I never would have imagined so many different types of people with different views and beliefs could work so cohesively, it gave me a glimpse of a world I didn't know was possible!"


You know how sometimes it feels like it can take forever and a day to download all of the content that is inside the Healers Rising Academy and make it stick?!

You don't have to trudge through anymore.

We’re doing it together in 4 DAYS! Immersed in the magical Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Oh, the places we'll go...


We'll adventure to the beautifully haunted Fairmont Banff Springs, which delights even the most experienced Medium's senses as they unlock the secrets of the castle.

Guides & Portals

Take a wander down the Bow River as we sync up to one of the most active Telluric playgrounds on earth! You'll connect with your Guide team and amplify your Clairs!


Surrounding yourself with people who are already psychic AF is the fastest way to activate your own gifts. We'll get you running on hyper-speed & accuracy, stat!

And so much Akashic magic

Access your own records by dancing back, and back, and back in time as we draw forward the information you need to know now about your purpose for being back here on Earth. 

We'll take you through a past-life regression to access more of your soul story - finding out where you truly come from and how you landed on this funny, blue planet. FUN! 

Being in-person is a game-changer for integration!

"I went in with zero expectations as it was my first in-person workshop for any of this kind of work. My mind ended up being blown at how much we could fit into just a few days, and how many codes dropped all the way in that I've been dancing around for the last 18 months. Seeing how everyone showed up and interacted at this event in conscious and respectful ways set a new standard of communication in relationships for me."


Join Caitlin & Violet at their favorite Galactic and Telluric meeting ground for an intensive acceleration like you’ve never experienced before.

Banff National Park, Canada
November 17-20, 2022

This 4-Day Retreat is all-inclusive at a 4-Star Hotel with world renowned chefs providing delicious meals to support your body, mind and spirit.

Your retreat registration includes: 

  • 3 nights shared accommodation at a 4 star hotel. (Email us after you register to upgrade to your own room!) Value: $853.75
  • All meals starting with evening appetizers on Thursday and ending with our last group breakfast on Sunday. Value: $350.00
  • A beautifully curated surprise box filled with items hand-picked by Caitlin to help you along your magical journey. Value: $150.00
  • 2 (or more) intuitively inspired adventures where your nudges will learn how to lead the way! We may cross paths with some of the wild animals, or the Sasquatch, or end up in a Galactic meeting ground. Who knows where your path will lead!? Value: priceless
  • 30+ hours of immersive training and skill development with Caitlin and her team covering all of the HRA Foundations and a never-before-released exploration of Vortex work in Banff National Park. Value: $2500.00

Total investment: $1950* CAD + GST

*When you choose pay in full option.

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You'll leave changed.

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