Healers Rising

April's Exploration

April's Exploration

Coming up this month: 
~ Spirit Guides, messages from other realms, & building relationships with your own guide team ( 3 full trainings PLUS exercises)
~ Staying centred while the world spins
~ You're not wrong, trusting your gut

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April's Exploration

Is This You?

  • Have you been following along with Caitlin's work, taken a masterclass, or a course, started your own Circle, or attended a retreat with Caitlin and want to be part of her exclusive circle of Grid Weavers?
  • Are you wondering how you can stay in the energy, dive deeper into the intuitive topics, accelerate your growth and be among the first to hear about new and exclusive MBB offerings?
  • Do you want all the magic of a Caitlin Dianna retreat--the fun, flow, and friendships--in a less intensive, more affordable, and always accessible online membership?

You Know You're A Healer Rising When

You Know You're A Healer Rising When
  • You’ve been to a masterclass, taken a course, or attended a retreat with Caitlin and can’t get enough of the bold, inspiring, and playful way she delivers the topics and drops the codes the exact way you needed to hear it.
  • You’ve made some amazing friendships through Caitlin’s circle and want a place to continue to connect and have fun with them and other like-minded Magical Beings.
  • You are a Healer, Multi-Dimensional, Wayshower, Freelancer, Grid Weaver--or whatever new term we come up with to describe the awesomeness that is a totally free, curious, and magical being.
  • You’re looking to immerse yourself in an environment with people who challenge you, support you, and celebrate with you--and where you can be that for others.
  • A control-drama-free zone where you can practice being impeccable with your energy field, be held accountable and supported, and experiment with your alchemist side is exactly the kind of space you want to help build, for yourself and others.
  • You’ve been wanting a way to stay connected to Caitlin and in the inner circle of Magic Beyond Boundaries at an affordable price, especially between and after courses.
"There is a palpable power that grows when like-minded Beings gather. The presence of triggers, mirrors and parallels create a rapid acceleration of the healing we are all capable of."
Caitlin Dianna


As a Healer Rising, You Have Exclusive Access To

As a Healer Rising, You Have Exclusive Access To
  • A monthly live (and recorded) circle or masterclass on hot subjects like walk-ins, cords and contracts, our galactic lineage, how to strengthen our intuition & more.
  • An always expanding online library with all past circle and masterclass recordings, meditations, recipes, tarot spreads, and other downloadable guidebooks and exercises.
  • Access to the exclusive Healers Rising Collective Facebook group, where you are supported, challenged, and encouraged to practice being the alchemist you are.
  • Live Q&As and free readings in our private Facebook group.
  • Energy updates to keep you AHEAD of the curveball, instead of always being smacked by it.
  • Intuitive exercises and games to develop your intuition & psychic senses.
  • Early access to Beta courses and first pick for retreat spaces and limited space courses.

Take A Peek Inside The Life of Healers Rising

Experiences and friendships to last a lifetime!

The Collective Intention

Maybe you’ve taken one of our courses; begun unplugging from the societal constructs and belief systems that suppressed your inner knowing, imagination, and original thought; and started clearing out all the drama trauma that was previously holding you back.

But what happens when you know you need more? How do you keep the momentum going? How do you go deeper?

We created this exclusive community as a gathering  place to support grid weavers in bringing magic into their everyday lives. A space to mobilize the healers who are able to make a real difference in this world--without all the metaphysical fluff of the Spiritual grid.

Healers Rising is a community for seekers of clarity, invokers of curiosity, and a safe space where all can explore the truths of energy and the Universe.

A space to share all the cool topics we are diving into around the interwebs and to get new levels of awareness from a larger group of people who all know how to track and energy test, where you can share and discuss and dive deeper into the topics and current energy trails.

A place where people who are learning to be impeccable with their energy can practice and be held accountable and encouraged.

FINALLY a community where control dramas and energy pulls are not only not tolerated but are called out and shifted in real time. By everyone. Because together we are building the kinds of community spaces that create change and boost transformations. You found your tribe. You belong here.

The Healers Rising Collective is where we stay connected to Caitlin and the MBB team (and all the friends you’ve made along the way) at a consistent, affordable price, especially between and after courses.

Practical Magic, Each & Every Month

Practical Magic, Each & Every Month

Become a part of the community for $37/ month (Canadian!)

You're gaining access to the private community and all of the Circles, replays, meditations, tarot and oracle card spreads, recipes, exercises, and tools I use Every. Single. Day. with each of my clients and students. Stay as long as you desire - this community is for you, as long as you want it to be!

BONUS: No matter when you activate your membership, you'll have access to a library of ALL prior Healers Rising Collective content!

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Practical Magic, Each & Every Month


Magical. Caitlin Dianna has completely changed my life over the last year. Every day, I have shifts in my awareness and beliefs. I have gained knowledge and incredible tools to help myself (and to help others) throughout this lifetime, and to heal from past lifetimes. I may not yet be where I would like to be, but my journey is all my own, and I have been supplied with all the tools I need to excel and expand. Caitlin has this wonderful way of asking the perfect questions, and giving you the stern push you need, while holding a comfortable safe space to figure it out on your own. My mind is blown by her capacities and genuinity, and I'm constantly amazed by her abilities, not only with honing her own gifts, but by helping others to explore and expand their own capacities. I consider Caitlin to be a huge blessing, and an enormous contribution to my life and expansion. Thank you!

- Brandi O.

Caitlin doesn't just heal or fix you, she gives you the tools you need to become your own healer, your own best version of yourself. She holds space for you to see your own truth and for you to grow and expand beyond anything you ever thought possible. And she's totally relatable and down-to-earth! There are no gimmick or tricks or hidden agendas with Caitlin. Take one of her classes or mentorships and you will NEVER look at life the same way again. My mind has been blown so many times and each time, it only gets better. 
If you've ever wondered or pondered or imagined what else is "out there", I urge you to cast aside your doubts and blocks and take the plunge.

- Krystee S.

I was looking for something "more" in the energetic world after doing some Reiki classes, and knew that learning from someone who is such an amazing intuitive and healer would be light and bright and expansive for me. Then her page popped up, and I decided to apply to take a class from her. Mid-way through, my life is starting to change and I am learning SO much. She's a really amazing teacher and has so many insights that are spot on. She can clear cords, contracts, and density like nobody's business, and so much more. Thank you for being who you be, Caitlin.

- Marissa W.