The D-Codes are the Gateway between our 3D experience and our Morphogenetic Field. This field connects to our blueprint and our perfectly whole and healed self. Everything we are, everything we are to become, and everything we are here to do is in this space.

As D-Code Level 2 Practitioners, we're reopening the body to receive this level of consciousness.

As a D-Codes Level 2 Practitioner...

you are being asked to see the bigger picture. We're about to get into some really juicy existential stuff... but you cannot forget the foundation you've built and where you came from. Everything you've uncovered until now will be just as relevant today as the day you first discovered those basic tools.

Rise, Healer

Rise, Healer
  • You're answering the call. Deep down you know you're here to be a helper, a gatekeeper and a healer at this time on the planet.
  • You're here to be the invitation of flow, freedom, sovereignty & choice.
  • You're highly curious - you couldn't stop learning and discovering more if you tried.
  • You know there is more to healing than just intentions and energy work. There are levels and layers that must be addressed to solve each puzzle.
  • The human body fascinates you! Anatomy, physiology & biology - YES, PLEASE!
  • An Alchemist at heart, you're willing to experiment, heal outside of the box and activate your quantum creativity to inspire healing and achieve results.
  • You're invested in your craft. You know not every day is going to be easy but your drive to be a healer keeps you on track and moving forward.
  • Your desire to light others up as you walk beside them in their darkness is your greatest motivator.



We're uncovering the Anatomy & Physiology of the beautiful human body, and how to follow its lead when something isn't right. As a Level 2 D-Coder, we're beginning to dive in to more complex cases where our clients will be presenting with all kinds of diagnoses, allergies, disease and mental/ emotional conditions. We need to figure out what's going on physically and how to track it! So into the magic of A & P we go!


Quantum Healing takes place when we can open the body to the Morphogenetic Field and to remember the songs of their source. You'll learn how to access this not only for yourself, but the clients in front of you. Subtle body energy medicine is more than intention - it is sometimes a permission slip for the Being to step back into their power and remember who they are. You'll learn to be the sacred witness and refract the codes that the people around you require.


Blend the realms of physical and etheric as you learn to put together highly potent healing sessions for your clients. You're going straight to work after class 2, building your skill set, your client base and your abilities. We've designed a pathway that allows you to simultaneously learn while doing—with directly applicable lessons and discovery sessions that are going to make it easy for you to ground the skills in and integrate them as a part of your nature.

As A practitioner You're going to...

As A practitioner You're going to...
  • be able to stand in your sovereignty as a Wayshower & evolved, multi-dimensional healer
  • be the bridge between this Earth realm & the Cosmos that your clients have been craving
  • be the advocate of choice and change - anything is possible
  • have all the tools under your belt to change just about anything within the human body - no matter how complex (your only limit - your creativity and imagination!)
  • be able to channel aspects of yourself, and the extensions of your clients

Here's just some of the keys you'll learn...

Here's just some of the keys you'll learn...
  • Rebalancing & Recalibrating the first 15 Dimensions of the Human body
  • Cranio-sacral adjustments in the skeletal system
  • Reversing allergies & sensitivities tied to resonance fields
  • To accelerate healing of injuries, illness, and chronic disease
  • To correct the most common negative feedback loops in the human body
  • Walk-ins: how to work with them, & how and when to clear them
  • Entity attachments, energy siphoning, false-light grids, curse work and reclaiming systems
  • Working through Akashics to the Halls of Amenti, accessing our Galactic levels
  • Scanning and dismantling techin's and out's of working with interdimensional implants & transponders
  • Quantum Healing Fields & Entangled Hierarchy
  • Inspiring the conscious creativity of the immune system


We're including coaching on: expanding or starting your practice, how to attract clients & Life Coaching 101 to better support your people.

The In-Person Workshop

The In-Person Workshop

The In-Person Workshop

Master your feel and accelerate faster than you even knew was possible as you come together with our team and your peers in this 4-Day Workshop in beautiful Western Canada.

It's true. We've seen it time and time again. The students that truly accelerate and understand this work are the ones who come together to perfect their feel, share the magic with their peers, and are willing to go on adventures to realms unknown. 

Due to current world travel advisories, if your country is not permitted to travel yet at the time of your class's scheduled in-person workshop, you may join in the next available D-Codes Level 2 workshop.

So much can be transferred through the spoken words and stories, through energy transmissions and practice. However, there are elements that require us to develop a feel; which requires careful guidance, support and nurturing as we learn the subtleties of adjusting the human body.

At the in-person workshop, you will:

- learn the subtle art of cranio-sacral adjustments for the skeletal and visceral systems
- be attuned to running full D-Codes sessions
- bring sound, pressure and light into your sessions to be the energy, space and consciousness your client requires
- learn Access BARs and how to integrate them with this work
- begin past life regressions and healings as the next step in your Akashic journey

The In-Person Workshop Includes:

- 4 full days of teaching with Caitlin & your mentor team 
- 4 nights accommodation
- Lunch, Snacks & Refreshments during workshop hours 
- Your D-Coder Kit with amazing tools to bring forward with you to your sessions
- Adventures! Shaking up energy and playing with frequency helps us to stay sharpplus, the scenery! 
- Invaluable time with Caitlin & our D-Codes Mentorship team. 

What's Included in your tuition...

What's Included in your tuition...
  • 35 online classes taught by Caitlin live and recorded for your playback convenience

  • All access pass to a 4-day intensive in-person workshop & retreat in beautiful Western Canada

  • A "Homeroom" Mentor that will be with you through the entire 12 months

  • 22 Review & Expansion Pods to track deeper into all of the covered material in a smaller group - 12 pods with your homeroom mentor and 10 with the other mentors on a rotating basis (including Caitlin!) to pick up skills, tips and tricks from everyone

  • 6 One-on-One Sessions with your homeroom mentor, plus 2 more One-on-One sessions to use with any mentor on the team!

  • Access to your online library where your replays will be hosted along with review topics, homework, resources & more!

  • And a Facebook group where you can post questions, get support, find resource materials and build community with your peers and the mentorship team

The Course Flow

D-Codes Level 2 is a 12-month long (1 year) intensive practitioner training program.

There are a total of 12 modules, each with 3 classes.

The 3 classes will be taught back to back, followed by your pod with your Homeroom Mentor, and a second pod with one of the other mentors on the team.

Practicums will begin during module 6, with a maximum of 4 assigned per month. You'll have 28 total case studies to submit.

You'll also have the opportunity to jump into pods with Caitlin throughout the year!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have my Level 1 Certificate or Practicum Complete before I can sign up for Level 2?

You do not need to be Level 1 certified before you sign up; however, your Level 1 practicum must be submitted in full before the first class of D-Codes 2. Don't worry, if there's anything we need you to review or submit, you'll be able to do that over the first few months.

When does this class start?

September 28, 2021 (so make sure your Level 1 practicum is done by then!). We will onboard you into the class Facebook group with your peers and mentors in mid-September and have all the class details for you ahead of the first class.

What are the details for the in-person workshop?

Your in-person workshop is being planned for February or March 2022 in Canada (either BC or Alberta, not yet confirmed).
The workshop will include:
- 4 days of D-Codes learning and practice 
- snacks & lunch daily
- all required notebooks & supplies
- shared accommodations for 4 nights
- plus a D-Coder kit with fun accessories that take your sessions over the top

Can I take D-Codes Level 2 without the in-person workshop?

No. All practitioners must attend the workshop to carry forward with certification. Many of the things you are learning how to do can cause harm or injury if your feel is not developed correctly. This is why we come together, so we can make sure you're doing it right, and will always be doing the best for your clients. We will practice over and over, and I'll be able to help you fine tune your skills.

What happens if travel restrictions are still in place?

Our team is aware that the current world circumstances means we may have to be flexible with our planning of workshop dates. We will be monitoring the situation closely and making an adjustment if necessary. If this workshop goes ahead as planned but your country is not allowing you to travel to Canada, you will be able to attend the next Level 2 retreat as a make-up.

Do I need to purchase anything?

No, we provide all resources required for the successful completion of this course. 

When do I get my D-Coder Kit?

You will receive your kit at your in-person workshop.

Do I get certified as D-Codes Level 2 Practitioner at the completion of the course?

You will have a practicum where you will be taking 28 case studies that will be released to you 4 at a time starting in Module 6 (the halfway point of the program) so you can work on them throughout the Level 2 program, as well as some written review tests. Upon successful completion of the practicum, which will be marked against our Level 2 Certification Requirements rubric, you will receive your certification package and can then be listed as a Level 2 practitioner on our directory.

What is the cancellation & refund policy?

Course cancellations may be received up to 10 days after your initial sign up. You may request a refund of funds paid up to 10 days after your initial sign up. No refunds will be issued after the 10 days after your sign up date.

Please note any 1-on-1 sessions, admin fees, or costs of any materials will be deducted from the refund amount if applicable.

D-Codes Level 2 is currently full

Check back in March 2022 for updated Spring intake details!