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Circle In A Box

How to create, lead, and monetize women's circles


Step Into Your Magic as a Leader of Women

Step Into Your Magic as a Leader of Women
  • Are you a Healer, Mentor or Coach, Spiritual Advisor, or someone who loves to gather other women together to offer support and guidance in a fun and meaningful way?
  • Are you ready to connect with the people who need your gifts?
  • Does the idea of being a bridge to other women's awakening, awarenesses, and consciousness shifts excite and empower you?
  • Do you want to be and do for others what helped move you through tough times, life transitions, and pivotal moments in life?
  • Do you want to build your clientele, deepen your skills, receive sustainable income with huge growth potential, and have support to make that happen?

But because we know not every circle is the same

We teach you how to harness and leverage your expertise, passion, and skills so you can take your Circle and/or business from just blossoming to fully blooming!

The Transformational Life Coach Approach

Are you stuck behind a computer screen, not getting the client traction you want, and feeling lost and unheard in all the online marketing clutter? What if you could gain valuable experience, confidence, and get that feedback you need to create killer programs and offers?

Just imagine:

  • Test marketing your programs and offers/services to see what works and what doesn't.
  • Gaining in-person, practical experience working with people and finding their transformational sweet spot.
  • Gathering testimonials and reviews and creating a referral network to easily fill your programs and services.
  • Building a raving local fan base to speak and spread your message for you!

For the Wellness Guru in You

Are you struggling to fill up your classes, oil parties, or herbs and crystals workshops? Do you need more new material to teach on and share?

What if there was a way to:

  • Take the stress out of planning parties and events with access to a constant stream of fun, new content that your members will eat up? 
  • Keep your members on their toes and excited for what's to come?
  • Add value and incentive to each and every Circle, Workshop, or class you offer?
  • Have people fighting just to host your events?

For the Rising Healers

Are you ready to share your gifts with others, but not sure why the universe isn't filling your calendar up? You've taken the Reiki courses, learned the wholistic modalities, got that certificate and yet you aren't having the impact you want.

What if you could:

  • Share your gifts with others, allowing them to experience the same healing & transformations you've fallen in love with?
  • Sell out your sessions with an amazing referral network?
  • Connect with your perfect people, ready to receive the attunements and energy from you?
  • Illuminate the magic that comes with raising your vibrations and stepping into your intuition?

Take it Beyond the Mat

Do you love your practice and your clients, but know there's an even deeper level of connection and healing you were meant to bring forth? Is your practice or business stagnant and not seeing the growth you know it's capable of?

What if you could:

  • Become the most sought after instructor, with classes sold out and a waiting list a mile long?
  • Help your clients go even deeper in their practice on and off the mat?
  • Increase the breadth of services you or your business provides and reach a new community of wellness seekers?
  • Reach and teach countless more people how to take care of themselves; mind, body, and spirit?
Your Magical Monthly Formula For Circle Success

Your Magical Monthly Formula For Circle Success

Your Magical Monthly Formula For Circle Success

Every single month, we're creating a brand new Circle for you that includes:
💎A deep-dive topic to explore aspects of self to accelerate healing.
💎 Intuitive & Psychic development exercises & activities.
💎 Hands-on activity, healing practice and/or fun crafts that support the theme.
💎 Ways to woo it up and woo it down to fit your Circle

Each month is wrapped up in a perfectly packaged Leaders Manual for you to rock your Circle! Plus, we train you in OUR Circle live every month so you have everything you need to succeed.

But that's not all! As a Circle in a Box member, you also receive access to the private Facebook group where we not only pop-in daily to answer questions and support everyone, but we also teach you how to build both your in-person and online networks!

Circle in a Box is a monthly membership with NO minimum commitment from you. Stay as long as you desire and for as long as you feel our Circle is a contribution to yours.


Reiki, Chakras, Energy Work / Astrology & Numerology / The Elements, Nature, Crystals, and Herbs  /  Grounding & Protection Techniques / Strengthening Our Intuition & Trusting Our Abilities /  Building Self Confidence  /  Attuning Psychic Senses  /  Holding Space for Others / Clearing & Integration Techniques / Shadow and Spirit Work / Understanding Archetypes / Finding Your Passion & Purpose / Meditation & Journey Work / Facilitating Transformation & Personal Growth

Deep-Dive Topic

Each month we delve into a topic designed to move through our healing & shadow work with ease. We'll show you how to surface the hidden pain we store in the body to create space, healing and joy for your Circle!

Intuition Building Exercise

Strengthening our intuition can be fun and easy! Develop your clairs, increase your psychic accuracy, and have fun as we play with these tried and tested exercises. Always a Circle favorite, we've got hundreds of these so you never run out of ideas to bring to your Circle.

Hands-On Activity

Conscious crafting, meditative or channelled art, or healing practices that tie into the deep-dive of the month will give your tribe a way to move through processing all they are being asked to surface and heal. Plus, who doesn't love something beautiful to bring home for their sacred space?

Where Women Lead, The World Follows

Welcome to Circle in a Box!

I am so excited to start this journey with you. I've been leading Women's Circles for over a decade and have had the pleasure of training hundreds of humans in the art forms of healing, magic and spiritual growth.

What started in my living room all those years ago with 4 other women who desired to learn just a little bit more about the world of intuition, finding their strength, purpose and passion, and manifesting the life they wanted has turned into a full-time business. It’s crazy how just sharing what I loved and was practicing was the exact recipe I needed to grow into the Healer & Messenger I am today.

Every Circle is built on 4 core pillars: exploration, leadership, emotional awareness and healing. As we move through each of the topics with an open mind, with compassionate guidance, learning how and why we feel the way we do, we can get to the root of what we are ready to heal and release.

I have brought this understanding into every single month of Circle in a Box for you. We have developed a recipe that allows you to go deeper with more profound results, while maintaining the comfort level of each participant.

Each month, we have a carefully curated a topic with accompanying exercises that can be brought to your in-person or online circles. I’m going to personally train you in our monthly gathering online. Each of the activities, games and topics has been tested, refined and proven in my own circle or at one of my Retreats I have hosted. I’m passionate about making your Circles a success and giving you the tools you need to lead with confidence!

So, gather your circle, be the bold and beautiful leader you are, and help make our world a better place!

xo, Caitlin

How does this work?


Each month, watch your online library grow as you receive access to a new main lesson plan, intuitive development exercise, guided journey to bring your participants through the concept, and tips and tricks for ALL types of Circles, and time for Q&A to answer all YOUR questions!


We carefully prepare these circle topics each month based on the energy, astrology and patterns we are seeing come up in the people around us. Always on point, relevant and transformational, you'll have people wanting to come back time and time again!


We train you live in our own online circle (via Zoom, which is also recorded for playback). Not only that, but as a member of the private Circle in a Box FB group, you'll receive pop-up trainings on how to maximize your social media presence, build your audience, and grow your Circles.

RISE as an influencer in your community

All while making both an impact AND consistent income!

24/7 Access across all your devices!

Once you join the private members-only Facebook community and download the Kajabi app you'll have access to your account and membership everywhere you go!

Did you know we have a whole community of women just like you who are popping up to host Women's Circles everywhere?

We not only curate the content, but train you 12 times a year on the upcoming exercises and topics, give you ideas to expand your circle, grow a consistent income doing what you love and help you to empower others!

And because we know how valuable it is to be part of a movement, we've created a private Facebook group for Circle in a Box LEADERS where we gather to exchange ideas, support one another, and connect. AND, this is where my team and I pop in to answer questions, drop even more tips, tricks, and ways for you to engage and excite your Circle members.

Live Circle Training

The next Training Circle will be held on Monday, February 10th, at 6:oopm. MST via Zoom.

Come hang with us at the training, get to know your peers and community, learn about the themes and topics coming up for the next few months, get instruction, ask questions, and see for yourself how Circle in a Box can be a great fit for your network and business!









So, how much is it?

So, how much is it?

We know you'll love Circle in a Box so much that we are gifting you your first month for $12!

You'll get a first hand taste for the depth and breadth of topics and themes that will be covered in your subscription to Circle in a Box. They're deep, they're fun, they're thought and action provoking, and they're designed to keep your Circle members wanting and coming back for more!

And don't forget, when you register you'll also receive access to the private Circle in a Box Facebook group AND the support of our team to help you grow your dream!

And if you LOVE the whole Circle in a Box experience, continue for just $25/month and watch your network and bank account grow while helping change lives!

So, how much is it?


I absolutely love Circle in a Box! I love that this includes live classes to explain the content and concepts to teach in our own Circles. The team the created this is absolutely amazing to work with.

This program has take the fear out of running my own circle. I love the print-outs to hand out to members and the written instructions and lesson plans keep me on track. I am so excited that the planning is done for me, and it's flexible enough for me to leave out or change to add my own personal flair. I have my first Circle in a couple of days and I'm so excited and feel so prepared thanks to Circle in a Box!

- Kristy M.

Circle in a Box is an AMAZING tool that takes all the guesswork and stress out of planning your own Circle.

The detailed info/activities/worksheets/recipes provided such an invaluable tool, and for me having this content definitely took the intimidation out of hosting a Women's Circle.

The information provided is coming from a credible and experienced source; you just can't go wrong! Not to mention the time you will save yourself in trying to come up with content, worksheets, and activities on your own. It's all laid out for you, and is such a brilliant idea! Absolutely love it!

- Jennifer N.

I've been holding Circles for over a year now and recently wanted to bring more value to the group of women I serve. Circle in a Box was able to deliver!

The content alone brought a new and deeper level of conversation to the group from newbie to seasoned Reiki master. I received a monthly topic with activities in writing that walked me through step by step how to deliver the content. It is easily segmented so I am able to adjust the content I’m sharing on the fly during circle based on the flow and conversation. There are handouts to share with participants depending on the topic. And the activities are a fun way to get folks to interact and engage with one another. There was even a training call to walk through the details. 

This turned into being the perfect solution for what I was hoping to accomplish for my circle. 

I am a busy working mom and being able to tap into a trusted resource to supplement and deepen what I was already doing was invaluable. It enabled me to facilitate the group with confidence and bring the additional value I was looking to add.

I would highly recommend Caitlin’s Circle in a Box. It’s a great resource for Circles that are new to spirituality and those with seasoned participants. 

- Catlin P.