Quit Comparing Your Hardships or Trauma

Cruising through a couple of Facebook groups like I often do in the mornings, I came across one of the most damaging types of energy attacks that we could possibly do to another person. 

The original poster was incredibly saddened about having to walk away from the job that she loved because of the toxic environment and people around her. She was expressing the feelings of depression, sadness, isolation and like she'd been totally knocked down to nothing as she re-evaluated what she was going to be able to do.

We all have spent time on social media - you'll know that when you share these things in a group or on your wall, you're essentially saying, "I'm open, hit me", to whomever wants to share their point of view, judgments or projective thought-forms with you.

First came the empathizers who all exclaimed they'd been there too and could feel her pain. But then came Comparative Cora. We'll call her CC for short is the type of person that damages people most. She isn't a narcissist or issuing black magic. She isn't uttering curses or physically hurting anyone. She's emotionally destroying other humans, one case at a time.

CC replies, "A little compassion please. Losing your job doesn't even come close to what I have felt losing my son in an accident this past year..." and a few more sentences reaffirming that her pain is more real.


Just freakin' stop, right there.

Who are you to say that one type of loss is more profound than another? Or to judge someones motives by posting that type of query to be witnessed? Who are you to assume that this wasn't a dark night of the soul inducing, heart crushing experience? Who are you to determine that this persons body, mind and energy field registered the energy "wrong" and has made it out to be a bigger deal than it is?

You know what you're doing when you throw that energy out? You're creating a whole new layer of pain, confusion, conflicting emotion and guards up. You're telling that person that their perceptions and sharing doesn't matter. You're showing them once again that there is no room for their voice at the table because they just aren't as important as...

Can you read their Akashics? Do you know what they've walked through? Do you have the ability to see all of the other wounds they carry that may have elevated these feelings to such a peak?

No. Probably not.

So don't be Comparative Cora. Show some compassion. Hold space for someone to unravel THEIR INTENSE PAIN and you keep your eyes on your own journey, my friend.

The world has more than enough CC's. Do your own healing, clear your own vessel and show up as a Wayshower. Me, and the rest of the world will thank you for it.


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