Her Judgements Are Her Story


I think we have all been a part of someone else's unraveling. That time when they are going through rock-bottom, can't see the light and everything around looks dark kind of moments. When blame lays outside the self, only others have done wrong and cannot see their own contribution to the situation at hand. We remain patient, if not a little apprehensive in the waiting game to see what the next layer of actions and words will be.

What happens though, when the pained words and actions are directed back at you? When their judgments are laced with words and projections that cut like a knife? How long can you stand vigil then? When the words are said with malice and studded with jabs intended to create an emotional reaction or investment in their story. Then what?

Do you stand by and wait for the storm to pass? Are you compromising what you would typically tolerate because of this person's relationship with you? Are you allowing your sacred body to be used as a punching bag?

For a moment in time, do you desire to become what they are making you out to be? To just succumb to their story for a single moment, only to feel what it would be like to actually be THAT?

Navigating this very situation at the moment, I am being asked to walk my talk; do not drop into the control dramas, or use the masks I so badly want to wear, to intimately learn the previous cords, contracts and Akashic stories we have already played out before. To mind my energy, to hold vigil and be the space of allowance for the story to be her own.

I can hold space like a ninja. This means that I can walk beside you quietly while you unravel your own story, crisis, or current roadblock while maintaining a gentle, ever-present position. Without laying out what you should or shouldn't be doing or influencing your decisions, I can observe and allow you a safe place to emotionally unravel. Until I can't.

I must ask, what is it that I genuinely want here? Am I holding my ship steady towards that course, or allowing the storm to move me? My sails have been made strong. I have weathered far worse forces of nature. I know the depths of my oceans, how far I can bend not to break, and how to rise from the ashes. Do you?

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