An East Meets West Approach to Healthcare (aka, It’s Just Energy, Silly!)

Guest Post by: Daria M. Rivera


We’ve come to think of Western medicine as science-based and technologically advanced while Eastern medicine plays in the realm of holistic and mind/spiritual wellness.


But that’s really rather…polarizing, is it not?


Because I won’t sit here and tell you that happy thoughts and an herbal supplement will cure manic depression any more than I’ll say that chemotherapy is a surefire way to eradicate all cancer from the body. 


And yet, indisputably, both approaches CAN and DO work.


Why? Well, the Western physician may tell you it’s a hundred years of scientific breakthroughs and complex math and yet the Eastern physician may simply congratulate you on mastering your mind and organic diet.


But how do YOU explain it?


Imagine yourself the patient sitting in a room with each of these medical practitioners, spinning their own particular set of “truths”/facts/beliefs/experiences/ideologies.


In whose hands would YOU choose to place your faith, health, and maybe even your very life? And if you think this is a trick question, you’re correct.


Your life is ever only in your own hands.


The human body is a truly miraculous piece of equipment. A precision machine, really. But like any performance vehicle it is best maintained with dedicated care, skill, regularity, attention to detail, and love.


So what DOES Health Care look like to you?

  • Driving your butt to the primary care doctor attest once a year for a physical, blood work, stress test, and a good once-over?
  • 100 needles stuck in various energy points throughout the body to ease pain and dis-ease?
  • Feeding your gut only non-GMO, nutrient rich, synthetic-free food?
  • Hitting the gym 3X a week to build muscle and bone while pumping that iron-rich, life-giving blood throughout your body?
  • Sitting in silence, ohm-ing your way to peace, clarity, and low stress hormone production?
  • Counseling your way through heavy familial emotional crap clogging up your system?


It could be any (or all or even none) of these particular things.


But what it IS, regardless the modalities you choose to use to get there?




As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, recognized; “Change is the only constant in life.”


And the essence of change? MOVEMENT.


Move your body.

Move your mind(set).

Move your walls, boundaries, polarized ideologies and belief systems.

Heck, move to another state or just move the furniture around your living room. (I often move my garden to various sides of the house. Who know? It works for me.)


But whatever you do, MOVE YOUR ENERGY.


Because all these bodies we inhabit really are? Atoms and molecules in constant motion. Atoms and molecules…energy. The human body is quite literally energy in motion. If atoms didn’t constantly move, vibrate, shift, dance…we’d be dead.


Literally, inanimate.


So go to your western specialist. Visit your herbalist. Shuffle the cards to reveal your daily tarot message. Hold a crystal and utter an affirmation. Jump on a bike and ride for the hills or bend your body in yoga. Head to your psychiatrist/spiritual advisor/counsellor/mentor for a good release of emotional toxicity.


Just Go.






Because if you don’t move, you die.

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