Curiosity & The Unlocking of the Kingdom

After teaching for five years in the realm of metaphysics and intuition, there is only one mindset that one needs to possess: one of curiosity.

I come across a lot of people who have been sold to poorly in the realm of self-improvement. They've been promised transformations if they take this pill, course, healing session or whatever it is the salesperson is peddling. The problem is no one can change you, except for you. Totally cliche, I know.

So what does this have to do with curiosity?

How many times have you stopped yourself from learning as an adult because it wasn't going to make you more money, add to your career toolbox or be the EXACT fix you might require?

In my live video in Magic Beyond Boundaries, I shared how the ideas I held the most desire to play with, ended up being my most significant catalysts for healing! An example was wanting to learn how the psychic-medium I saw was able to read me like a book. So I took a beginner's course in learning how to develop your intuition.

In that class, I was able to see how (scarily at the time) accurate I was, and I needed to know WHY!? This led down a path of questioning, wonderment, and experiencing more of the magic, understanding the energy. I had no idea at the time that all of these elements were the exact building blocks that would get me to where I am today.

Not a clue that it would save my marriage, smooth the waters of my parenting and later give me the confidence to guide others through as a Wayshower.

So I can say with full radiant confidence after also guiding hundreds of others, yes, curiosity is the key to your kingdom.

When we wonder, we explore. When we question, we expand possibilities. When we unravel, we find new levels. When we stop concluding, we grow.

So my friend, what are you curious about today? Is it something like tarot cards, pendulums, or crystal & gemstone healing? Is it how you are so sensitive and just seem to know things? Or how about the way you can effortlessly fill in the blanks of what another is thinking? Really, how do you do that? Is it time to find out?

Let your curiosity lead; the healing will follow.

xo Caitlin

 PS. Do you know where you are at as a Wayshower? Check this map out to find out!

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