Your Freedom Is My Mission

Let me deliver real, honest and tailored guidance on how to clear out all of the old patterns, beliefs and energetic blocks that are limiting you from having the life you desire.

Unafraid of exploring realms others dare not go, no question is too far fetched, or issue insurmountable. We've got this.

~ Caitlin

Whether you are brand new to receiving intuitive guidance and energy work, or an experienced healer, I know how valuable it is to be met on a level that you can understand, digest and relate to. My goal is to meet you exactly where you are in our 60 minutes together. We are going to bridge the gap between the intuitive messages & energy healing you need now; to create the next levels of change, freedom and expansion you're ready to embrace.

It's time for a session if...

  • You've been experiencing health concerns you can't seem to shift, even with modern medical help
  • Your mental health isn't doing so hot; anxiety, stress, depression are all signs we need an energetic intervention
  • Relationships are repeating the same patterns, or creating self fulfilling prophecies again and again
  • Shifting gears out of a particular habit or belief that has been keeping you stuck has seemed impossible
  • You just can't get ahead, no matter what you do; money, career, that next big thing seems so damn elusive!
  • You think you might be going through a spiritual awakening or bringing on a new capacity and need some help
  • Or, strange things are happening around you and you need some reassurance, tools and a plan to figure out how to thrive as an Intuitive.

Booking is easy! Just click below where you'll be able to pay for your session and choose the time that works for you on my calendar. Sessions are completed online using the Zoom app - kinda like Skype, but better!
See you SOON!
~ Caitlin

What you might want to know about a session with Caitlin...

  • Sessions are 60 minutes in length and can be booked for Online Video/ Audio or In Person sessions. In person sessions are completed in my home in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.
  • I use my process called D-codes which allows us to work on the physical levels of the body, the emotional mental body and the spiritual levels to get the most out of each interaction. People often report it feels like a brand new body - just from energy work! 
  • You can expect to receive energy healings, tune ups, clearings and channelled guidance in each session
  • No realms are off limits. Experienced with negative entity removal, walk-ins, cords & contracts, clearing of homes & land, Galactic channelling and connections, I will meet you where you are at to deliver the session you require.

"I had the most amazing session with Caitlin. Her method of healing is very unique and definitely to the point. Caitlin will open up and hold space for you, guide you and help pinpoint the areas in your life that needs healing. She will give you the tools in a no nonsense way to help to continue to clear the blocks standing in your way.guiding you to a place to see your own crap and give you the tools to move through of get rid of it! Caitlin brings such a new way of looking at things/blocks/energy, that if you get a chance to work with her you will be glad you did."

Tracy Thomas

"Since meeting Caitlin my life has done a complete flip. Where I was dark, blue and uncertain about who I was as a mom, a woman, and in life she has guided me to a happier place. A place where I know who I am, what my gifts are and how to attack the world for the best outcome. Caitlin is the piece to the puzzle I have been searching for, and not aware I needed. She's down to earth, tells it like it is; and I believe that's what I needed. Just black and white grit. Have cleared things from the past that have had an effect on me today, therefore allowing me to grow as a person again. Thank you for opening my eyes up to the person I strive to be. To the woman I wanted to be but was lost as to how to get there"

Brianne D.
Butterfly Hills

"I do not personally know Caitlin but when she did a reading she nailed some things she wouldn't have known, very surprised! Definitely will be talking to her again soon!"

Lauren H

"Caitlin doesn't just heal or fix you, she gives you the tools you need to become your own healer, your own best version of yourself. She holds space for you to see your own truth and for you to grow and expand beyond anything you ever thought possible. And she's totally relatable and down-to-earth! There are no gimmick or tricks or hidden agendas with Caitlin. Take one of her classes or mentorships and you will NEVER look at life the same way again. My mind has been blown so many times and each time, it only gets better. If you've ever wondered or pondered or imagined what else is "out there", I urge you to cast aside your doubts and blocks and take the plunge. Book a personal session or class with Caitlin today, you will not be disappointed. I am beyond grateful that I took that first, life-changing step when I did and I look forward to seeing what comes next!"

Krystee Sager

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