WayShowers Level 2

Accelerate your gifts.

Level 2 of the WayShower's Journey is where we open the gateway to what's possible with your intuitive abilities. You will be skillfully guided along the path of your own healing journey, learning to hone your abilities and clear up what's holding you back. The WayShower's Method is proven by hundreds of healers who have come before you. Our council will bring to the table the wisdom, perspectives, and tools  to help you make impactful shifts in your life, no matter what your unique situation. This is more than a self-improvement course, it's a mentorship program for a new paradigm of healers: the WayShowers.
See you in the circle!
~ Caitlin

Healing comes through our curiosity to open doors that we didn't even know were the key.

When was the last time you picked up a skill, tried something new, signed up for a thing... just because you were curious? Sometimes, the places we go to play hold the greatest secrets for our liberation. Check the highlight reel below of what we are going to be covering in WayShowers 2.

Masks, Control Dramas & The Competition for Energy

Understanding the ways that we (and others) plug into the grid to compete for energy with one another keeps us locked into an un-ending cycle of fatigue, disappointment and sometimes putting ourselves second. Own your energy, disengage from drama, and learn how to make energy go to work for you!

The First 5 Dimensions

Accessing the sacred energy of the first 5 Dimensions is the accelerant that allows all of your gifts & capacities to open with ease. We will explore the energy, ways to open and exercises to expand our consciousness within these realms.

Connecting to the "Other Side"

Learn to read the frequencies of your Spirit Guide Team, loved ones who have crossed over and even learn to read for others if you desire! This skill helps us to receive the information we sometimes require to figure out the healing puzzles we are looking to solve!

Cords & Contracts

Learn the art of properly reading the cords & contracts that keep you in the patterns, emotional loops and relationship dramas that just don't seem to clear. You'll learn how to clear these effectively and with ease!

Accessing the Akashic Records

Use the energy & knowledge stored in the Akashic records to solve your present day mysteries. You'll begin by playing in the energy and evolving to using it to heal, integrate and propel you forward!

Course Details

Find out how our 12 week journey will unfold below.

  • We're gathering weekly on Mondays @ 6pm mst (don't worry, the lessons are recorded if you have to miss a class - you can catch up) Each week, you'll gain new tools, learn new exercises and be able to deepen your understanding of the metaphysical world!
  • You're invited to Open Office! Twice a week, Caitlin's in the office ready to answer your questions, help with your healing pieces and give you personalized guidance to help you implement the tools. Drop in - the door is open! Never feel stuck again!
  • Book your 1 on 1 personal session with Caitlin Dianna. You'll have a chance to do a deep dive on your healing work in a 60 minute private session.
  • Receive extra support from our Intuitive Counselors: You're getting 2 personal sessions with your Intuitive Guides. You'll be with Daria Rivera or Lynn Hango, You'll have added group support and once a month, your Coach will be holding extra practice or a healing circle!
  • Unbox your surprise box! Nothing is more fun than receiving presents in the mail! This box will be one to remember!

"Your classes are amazing. I feel like we are all meeting in person and closer to my classmates then my closest friends here at home. Different countries mean nothing. There are no boundaries and I can’t wait to continue to grow."

Leah D. K.

"I was looking for something "more" in the energetic world after doing some Reiki classes, and knew that learning from someone who is such an amazing intuitive and healer would be light and bright and expansive for me. Then her page popped up, and I decided to apply to take a class from her. Mid-way through, my life is starting to change and I am learning SO much. She's a really amazing teacher and has so many insights that are spot on. She can clear cords, contracts, and density like nobody's business, and so much more. Thank you for being who you be, Caitlin."

Marissa W.
Edmonton, Alberta

"I signed up for classes with Caitlin in Mar. 2018 and it has changed how I navigate my world in such a way that allows me to be guided, instead of feeling like I’m drudging through life!! I continue to develop my connection to source and I love every second of it!!! Caitlin helps you navigate your world and pushes you to be a better you and to make choices that benefit you and the greater good!! So happy to have found my tribe!!!!"

Melissa S. C.

"Oh my gosh! Truth: this group saved my life. I’m going to get super real and tell you that I was in such a dark place when I joined, I didn’t see my value. I thought I was crazy, I couldn’t figure out why other people had such a huge effect on me, I was not coping. I didn’t understand why I was in so much pain and why I felt so angry all the time because I’m a joyful person. You showed me my worth, that I feel other people’s feelings for real and it’s usually them causing my anxiety, you taught me to ground and to expand my energy field and so much more. Thank you for helping me when you didn’t have to. I do appreciate you."

Lindsey B.

"Caitlin has been an enlightening influence in my life. Before working with her I had trouble trusting others. In fact, I was becoming quite isolated and fearful of interacting with people\because I had a pattern of being taken advantage of and persecuted. My life was also out of alignment with my values, especially my valuing of myself! During our time working together, Caitlin taught me new powerful ways of speaking and thinking. She challenged me to see myself differently, more clearly. One of the most life-altering ways she helped me was by clearing out some very old, powerful energy from a past life. That was why I had been attracting all the persecution in THIS life! I am now enjoying my life so much more! Every day I feel happy to be alive, cheerful and excited, because Caitlin has given me the tools I needed to be the powerful woman I was born to be."

Jenny A.
Washington, US

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